Confirmed Activities

Confirmed Activities

Don’t like to wait? 🙅‍♂️ Neither do we! If you’re eager to get a sneak peek at what’s in store at Comic Con Baltics, you’re in luck! 😉 Check out this page to see all the confirmed panels and activities before we release the final schedule! 🔍 Don’t miss your chance to plan ahead and join us for all the epic fun and excitement! 🎉

Creative Pathfinders: Crafting Careers as Content Creators

Get ready for an inspiring panel at Comic Con Baltics School Day! 🏫🌟 Join us for “Creative Pathfinders: Crafting Careers as Content Creators” featuring none other than the globally acclaimed TikTok sensation and Ketnipz creator, Harry Hambley, along with the one and only Paul de Miko, Lithuania’s rockstar content creator and influencer! 🎤🤝🇱🇹

🗓️ Circle October 20th on your calendar and make your way to LITEXPO in Vilnius. It’s time to immerse yourself in the secrets of turning your passions into a full-blown content creation journey! 🚀🎬

Whether you’re daydreaming of becoming the next big thing on social media or you’re simply dying to soak up some wisdom from the best in the biz, this panel is your ✨ golden ticket! ✨ Brace yourself for an immersive discussion filled with behind-the-scenes stories, thrilling challenges, and epic successes 🌟 straight from the mouths of these two incredible influencers. 🎙️📈🚀

Don’t let this chance slip through your fingers! We’ll catch you at Comic Con Baltics – School Day! 🎉🤩

Time: October 20th, Friday

The Journey of a European Movie Star: Starting Fresh in Hollywood and Joining Stranger Things

Don’t be stuck in the Upside Down 🌀, get ready for an epic panel at Comic Con Baltics 2023 on Saturday, October 21st! 🎬 🚀

Our event’s host Jaq Greenspon will be moderating an exclusive conversation with the talented Nikola Djuricko, who played Yuri Ismaylov in Stranger Things season 4. 🌟

Take off on a journey of inspiration with Nikola as he shares his incredible story of making the jump from European cinema to Hollywood stardom. 🎥

Join Jaq and Nikola as they discuss the challenges of starting fresh in a new industry, and learn about Nikola’s experiences filming in Lithuania, where Comic Con Baltics is hosted. 🎬

Buckle up, because this panel is sure to be a wild ride filled with laughs, insights, and plenty of geeky goodness. 🤓

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to see two professionals, who had their Hollywood experiences, come together for an unforgettable event. See you there! 👋

Time: October 21st, Saturday