Jaq Greenspon

Jaq Greenspon

Moderator and the host of the opening ceremony

Looking for the ultimate geek guru? Look no further than Jaq Greenspon, who traded the neon lights of Las Vegas (NV, US) for Lithuania to share his encyclopedic knowledge of all things geek. As a university professor and Grand-Master-Geek, he’s a bona fide expert on everything from sci-fi to superheroes and beyond.

Jaq has even co-written an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation – the seventh season’s “Liaisons” with Roger Eschbacher, proving that he’s not just a fan, but also a key contributor to the world of geek culture.

As a moderator of Comic Con Baltics in 2019 and 2022, Jaq’s quick wit and commanding presence kept the crowds engaged and entertained. He also hosted the opening ceremony of last year’s event, Comic Con Baltics 2022: Together with GameOn, and will be back again to host this year’s festivities. Don’t miss your chance to see Jaq in action!