Family Area

Family Area

Children can enter the event for free

We inform that young visitors of the Comic Con event can attend for free. Children who are under 7 years old DO NOT NEED A TICKET. Children older than 7 years must have purchased an event ticket.

Additional information

The family area is designed so that young event attendees can find entertainment for themselves while their parents engage in other activities. However, please be informed that the event has a high number of visitors, so parents should assess whether their child needs personal supervision even when participating in children’s activities.


🌟 We invite all young adventure seekers and their families! 🌈 Thanks to Barni, we are thrilled to announce a magical surprise at Comic Con Baltics 2023 – an interactive play area for kids! 🧸

From fun games to entertaining activities, this space is designed to ignite joy and laughter in the youngest Comic Con Baltics fans. 🤩 Bring your little superheroes and heroines and let the adventures begin! 🚀


At night, Kaukas Taukas entered the town and turned everything upside down. Where Kaukas ventured, incredible things happened. Everything needs to be fixed as quickly as possible, and if you don’t manage to tidy up the mess and find Taukas, his throne, and scepter today, then Kaukas will become so powerful that he can turn you into a small pumpkin, a soccer ball, or even diapers…


The publishing house was founded by the owner of an ice cream factory, who came up with the idea of having a magazine called “Flintas” to advertise ice cream of the same name. It would be the first publication to be sold not only in newsstands but also in ice cream carts.

Although “Flintas” ice cream factory did not survive into the 21st century, the publishing house continues to thrive. In 2023, “Flintas” has children’s books and magazines read in at least 26 languages in more than 30 countries across three continents.

The publishing house produces educational magazines and activity books for young children and preschoolers. School-age readers know “Flintas” for one of the most famous Lithuanian children’s books, “Skruzdėliukas Nežiniukas.”

At Comic Con Baltics, the Flintas publishing house invites families and young readers to purchase their publications, spin the wheel of fortune, acquire NBA, PAW Patrol, UEFA collectible stickers, “Miau mados namai” temporary tattoos and stencils, legendary “Flintas” magazine collections where every young gamer will find something interesting.

For those who buy the publishing house’s magazines, it’s known that many of them come with a free toy, so the Flintas booth at Comic Con will be filled with toys.

If all goes as planned, “Skruzdėliukas Nežiniukas” author Rasa Dmuchovskienė will lend a real ant colony to Flintas at Comic Con!

The Kaunas City Museum invites you to meet at “Comic Con Baltics 2023” on October 20-21 and experience the history of Kaunas.

Today, everyone knows about chess and checkers, but have you heard of kvirkatas? On the territory of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania’s Valdovai Palace, a broken gaming board with a carved game field of this table game was found. In the old town of Kaunas, archaeologists discovered figurines for board games – they can be seen today in the Kaunas City Museum’s exhibition at the Castle Department. You are invited to get acquainted with this interesting and relatively simple board game and compete with friends for the title of the best strategist in the kvirkatas tournament.

You will also have the opportunity to try virtual reality glasses, through which you will see the historical reconstruction of Kaunas Castle and hear stories from Lithuania’s Grand Duke Vytautas the Great, Kaunas Castle’s elder Jonas Sungaila, and Flemish diplomat Žilibero de Lanua about Kaunas Castle.

VIVITA Lithuania is a learning community that fosters autonomous, creative, and critical-thinking individuals.

We create experiences, services, and products that help children develop skills, creative thinking, and critical thinking. That’s why we’ve established educational spaces like VIVISTOP Užupis and VIVI HU where they can find the necessary modern tools, advanced technologies, and various materials. During Comic Con Baltics, our community members will invite all visitors to experience and try various creative activities!

The Museum of Energy and Technology, formerly a power plant, has opened a new modern exhibition called the Transformation Hall. Inside, you’ll find the two largest Tesla coils in the Baltic countries, generating electrical discharges reaching millions of volts.

In the “Comic Con Baltics” family space, the museum guides will set up a “borrowed” exhibit from the Transformation Hall – a Van de Graaff generator. “Comic Con” visitors will have the opportunity to charge themselves positively in the most literal sense. By sharing Van de Graaff-generated electrons with a friend through a lightning bolt, you transfer some of your electrons, resulting in an electrical discharge. At the same time, the particles in our bodies repel each other, causing our hair to stand on end!

At the ETM booth, you’ll encounter more interactive exhibits and participate in engaging entertainment: scientific experiments performed with household materials, demonstrating safe yet fascinating scientific principles.

Every year, LitLUG presents unique and exceptional LEGO structures at Comic Con. We invite you to see the incredible LEGO exhibits and learn more about LitLUG’s activities. What is a LEGO User Group (LUG)? These are groups of enthusiasts found worldwide, known by the abbreviation LUG (LEGO User Group). Smaller countries have one or two groups, while larger countries can boast a greater variety of groups with different specializations. The members of these groups are adults, and sometimes even 50 years of age is not a limit. LEGO is a very versatile building toy, allowing people to express themselves creatively, and due to the wide range of themes available, everyone can find like-minded individuals over time.

In Lithuania, dealing with LEGO has historically been more challenging, as it often involves considerable expenses. However, when enthusiasts from the three Baltic countries came together, they formed the idea of creating a Baltic User Group – BalticLUG and working together. We represent the Lithuanian part of this group – LitLUG. Our group is small, relatively young, and we haven’t accomplished much yet. However, our focus is on developing the LUG idea in Lithuania. We remain connected to the Baltic community while aiming to expand this concept in Lithuania. We want to unite enthusiasts, organize exciting meetings (both private ones accessible only to LUG members and public ones for everyone interested in LEGO), create, share news and useful information, and ultimately connect people who share the hobby of building and creating with LEGO bricks.

Launched in the summer of 2021, within the first 4 months, Angis platform attracted more than 15,000 children from all over Lithuania. In the United Nations-backed WSA competition, Angis was recognized as one of the best learning platforms in the world, and they plan to expand into the Scandinavian market in the future. Angis is a platform designed for children, teachers, and anyone who wants to learn Python programming. The platform is free, in Lithuanian, and accessible to everyone – you can learn directly through your browser, with no need to install or download anything.