Artist agrees that its event participation is to widely promote popular culture, and to reach fans internationally. In order to permit fans to participate in the Event “Comic Con Baltics” promotes the event widely and may “live” simulcast portions of it. Artist gives “Comic Con Baltics” permission to take still photographs and moving sound and audiovisual recordings of artist’s table, artwork, products, productions, signs and personnel displayed in places open to event attendees at the event during and after the open hours of the event in any manner or medium for promotional purposes, artist expressly grants to “Comic Con Baltics” a fully paid, perpetual nonexclusive license to display, reproduce, and distribute artist, company and product information, art, names, logos, trademarks, copyrighted materials, voices, and likenesses in public displays at the event, or that artist provides to “Comic Con Baltics” for promotional purposes.

Specifically, but without limitation, artist grants “Comic Con Baltics” the right to simulcast “live” artist’s public displays by means of radio (terrestrial and digital radio), television, the internet, and wireless/mobile systems or similar live streaming internet platforms, and all related services, software, and networks that allow for authorized streaming and distribution of video content over the internet (but not for downloads by the end viewer) .


To participate in Artist alley, participant must register at “Comic Con Baltics” team will get back via e-mail to a potential participant with an agreement and an invoice. Provided and signed agreement shall become binding and effective when fully executed by both participant and “Comic Con Baltics” and it is valid till the last day of that years “Comic Con Baltics” event. Artists registration is only confirmed after an invoice is fully paid. If the participant violates these rules, “Comic Con Baltics” may in its sole discretion and without limiting any of its other remedies, close a table, withdraw acceptance of the agreement, or refuse to permit the artist to participate in future events.


After applying for “Artist alley” on-line participant must pay “Artist alley” table package fee within fifteen business days upon getting an invoice from “Comic Con Baltics” team.
“Comic Con Baltics” reserves the right at its discretion to terminate the agreement and participant’s participation in the event and refuse participant permission to move in and set up a table if any payment due to “Comic Con Baltics” is in arrears.


The preparation for “Artist alley” is going on 24th May 2024 from 18:00 to 20:00 and on 25th May 2024 from 8:00 to 9:30. “Comic Con Baltics” team has sole discretion to designate hours and dates for installing, occupying, and dismantling tables. Also, the team has the absolute right to change the floor plan or move a participant to another location before or during the event.


In case when the artist has paid in full on time, the artist shall receive Artist Alley participant badge/badges depending on filled out form. For an additional fee, the artist may purchase up to two additional Artist Alley participant badges per Artist Alley table package.


Before the Event, “Comic Con Baltics” will prepare an Artist Alley information packet and send it by email. The Artist Alley information packet will include information essential to participation at the event, including registration information, table display rules, and move-in/move-out schedules. Artist agrees that all information containing terms and conditions provided to artist by “Comic Con Baltics” shall be deemed fully read and that artist shall thereby be bound. Artist and all those attending the event on artist’s behalf shall abide by all “Comic Con Baltics” policies posted on


Artist shall conduct itself at all times in accord with normal standards of decorum and good taste at an event open to minors, and in accord with the code of conduct. All exhibits shall display products or services in a tasteful manner as determined in “Comic Con Baltics” sole discretion. Live animals, nudity, partial nudity, carnival-type attractions, and gambling are prohibited. Entertainment or advertisements outside of an artist’s table are prohibited. The aisles, passage ways, and overhead spaces remain strictly under control of “Comic Con Baltics” and may not be blocked. No signs, decorations, banners, advertising material, or special exhibits will be permitted in any of these spaces except by special written permission of “Comic Con Baltics”. Those staffing the artist’s table or acting on artist’s behalf must remain within the artist’s table space while working.

Artists are prohibited from operating noise-creating devices such as but not limited to music, bells, horns, or megaphones, and shall pay the costs of removal of such items.

Artist shall comply local fire and safety laws at all times. Artist is solely responsible for ensuring its compliance with such laws.

Sale, distribution, or display of infringing content is strictly prohibited at the event. Infringing Content is material that violates any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, privacy or publicity rights, or is defamatory to or violates the privacy, of any person or entity, such as but not limited to pirated, grey market, unlicensed, or bootlegged products, merchandise, costumes, characters or art work. Artist represents and warrants that its table shall not contain, display, sell, distribute or make available any infringing content, and that the artist shall not play or permit the playing or performance of, or distribution of any copyrighted material at the event unless it has paid all required royalties, fees, or other payments and has obtained all necessary licenses in writing.

All items on sale and display must be the original creation of the artist. Artist shall not copy, sell or display any counterfeit or official products or merchandise, regardless of whether artist has a license from the intellectual property holder to do so.

No firearms, weapons or adult materials of any kind may be sold at Artist Alley.


Artist shall obtain any licenses, permits, or approvals under local law applicable to its activities at the event at its sole expense. Artist shall obtain any necessary tax identification numbers and permits and shall be solely responsible for paying all taxes, including but not limited to sales taxes, license fees, use fees, or other fees, charges, levies, or penalties that become due to any governmental authority in connection with its activities at the event.


Artist may cancel participation at the event at any time upon written notice to “Comic Con Baltics”. “Comic Con Baltics” team must receive written notice of cancellation by email to: . If “Comic Con Baltics” receives such notice of cancellation on or before April 24th, 2024 , “Comic Con Baltics” will retain fifty percent (50%) of the contracted amount as a cancellation fee and will return the remaining fifty percent (50%) to the artist. If “Comic Con Baltics” team receives such notice on or after April 24th, 2024, or if the artist fails to staff its table through the end of the event or otherwise forfeits its table for violating signed agreement, then one hundred percent (100%) of the contracted amount cancelled is due and non-refundable. “Comic Con Baltics” reserves the right to resell or otherwise reassign canceled or forfeited tables.


“Comic Con Baltics” may restrict or remove any table that “Comic Con Baltics”, in its sole discretion, believes is objectionable, inappropriate or illegal. If “Comic Con Baltics” restricts or removes such a table, no refund will be due to artist. “Comic Con Baltics” may also terminate this contract effective upon written notice of termination if artist (a) breaches any of its obligations under the contract or (b) is adjudicated as insolvent, declares bankruptcy, or files or has filed against it, any petition in bankruptcy, or fails to continue its business. In either of these cases, “Comic Con Baltics” shall have no obligations, expressed or implied, to refund any payments previously made.