Nikola Djuričko

Nikola Djuričko

Actor N. Djuricko will come from Los Angeles to Lithuania for the second time. The purpose of the first visit was the filming of the fourth season of “Stranger Things”, which took place in Lukiškės prison, Semeliskiu village and other specially selected locations.

Probably the vast majority of fans of the series will agree that together with his helicopter Katinka, Yuri Ismailov was one of the most memorable characters of the last season of the series. He first appears in the fourth episode of the fourth season of Stranger Things and remains prominent until the end of the season.

The series portrays Yuri as an eccentric smuggler who loves bad jokes, money and crunchy American peanut butter more than anything else.

During his career spanning more than one decade, N. Djuricko performed almost a hundred different roles in films and television series of various genres. Among his most prominent projects are the films “World War Z”, “In the Land of Blood and Honey”, “The Living Man”, the series “Legends” and others.

True, N. Djuricko is known not only as a talented actor, but also as a director. His portfolio includes five directed films and series.

The actor will meet Stranger Things’ fans in Lithuania on October 21-22, during the Comic Con Baltics 2023 event, at LITEXPO. The visitors of the event will have the opportunity not only to hear the stories told by N. Djuričko or ask the desired questions about filming one of the most popular TV-shows of all time, but also to take a picture together or even get the actor’s signature.