<strong>Ketnipz, the Cartoon Author with Over 10 Million Followers, Comes to Comic Con Baltics in Vilnius</strong>

Ketnipz, the Cartoon Author with Over 10 Million Followers, Comes to Comic Con Baltics in Vilnius

Meet Ketnipz on October 20-22

Welsh illustrator and Instagrammer Harry Hambley, known for his iconic character Ketnipz, is set to make an exciting appearance at Comic Con Baltics in Vilnius on 20-22 of October 2023. With his pink, cartoon bean character gaining immense popularity on social media, Ketnipz has captivated over 10 million followers around the world. 

“We are thrilled to bring yet another internet megastar to Comic Con Baltics in Vilnius. The opportunity to meet Harry Hambley, the talented author behind Ketnipz, is an exciting prospect for the pop culture and online comic fans in the Baltics. Fans will have the chance to engage in live chats, obtain signatures on merchandise, and even capture a memorable photo with H. Hambley”, says Tomas Vievesis, the organizer of the pop culture event “Comic Con Baltics”.

In collaboration with the world’s biggest brands

In 2017, during his final year of high school, H. Hambley created Ketnipz as an outlet to express his daily frustrations through the form of a pink, cartoon bean. Little did he know that this simple character would quickly capture the attention of a growing audience. 

As Ketnipz gained popularity, Harry collaborated with renowned brands such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Apple, further solidifying his presence in the art world. Ketnipz has amassed a dedicated and enthusiastic fanbase that eagerly awaits Harry’s every artistic creation.

“Harry’s distinctive character has taken him on a remarkable journey across the globe. With Ketnipz’s success, Harry has had the opportunity to travel to various locations, showcasing his artwork through pop-up stores, art shows, and captivating murals. From Mexico City to Los Angeles, Oaxaca to New York, Ketnipz has left its mark and garnered a dedicated following. And now it is coming to Vilnius”, says the organizer of “Comic Con Baltics”.

More than 10 million fans 

As the years of the pandemic disrupted travel plans and restricted physical interactions, the author shifted his focus to animation. Collaborating with his team, he began creating and sharing delightful, lighthearted animations featuring the beloved Bean character on Ketnipz’s Instagram and TikTok accounts. The engaging animations have further amplified Ketnipz’s reach, attracting more than 10 million followers across all social media platforms.

The announcement of Ketnipz’s presence at “Comic Con Baltics” has sparked excitement among fans in Vilnius and beyond. The biggest pop culture event in Vilnius presents a unique opportunity for fans to meet H. Hambley in person and immerse themselves in the enchanting world of Ketnipz. From October 20th to 22nd, visitors will have the chance to engage with the artist, learn about his creative process, and gain insights into the inspiration behind Ketnipz. The event promises an exciting lineup of activities, including autograph signings, art exhibitions, and interactive sessions.

During the event, visitors will also have the opportunity to meet such famous comic authors as Coolman Coffeedan, War and Peas, Dailypurrr, and more, along with actors from projects such as “Strangers Things”, “The Witcher”, and more.

More information and tickets: https://ccbaltics.com/