D. Casale is coming to Lithuania – 10 million followers and a place on the “Forbes 30 under 30” list

D. Casale is coming to Lithuania – 10 million followers and a place on the “Forbes 30 under 30” list

Sometimes we don’t even think about how much of the content we see on social networks are made up of webcomics. Uplifting or hilariously mocking everyday life, comics are one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the digital space, and their authors are some of the brightest contemporary artists. Comic Con Baltics, an event that invites you to meet the most famous figures of popular culture every year, announces that on October 20-22 this year, a famous American author Danny Casale, who has gathered a community of 10 million followers will come to Lithuania.

D. Casale is better known to his fans as Coolman Coffeedan. He is an extremely popular artist all over the world, who is admired by followers of different ages for his funny, bright, humorously primitive animations.

At the Forbes 30 under 30 list

The author, who wittily calls himself a bad animator, became popular five years ago. Until then, having created animated content and home movies for his own pleasure for almost a decade, in 2017 the author uploaded a short animation called “Snakes have legs” to his YouTube account, which collected tens of millions of views in one day.

Since the release of this animation, the creator’s popularity has skyrocketed, and today he has more than 10 million followers on major social media platforms – TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others.

“In 2020, Casale’s work allowed him to enter the prestigious “30 under 30″ ranking compiled by Forbes magazine, in the category of art and style. This is a bright, charismatic creator whose work brings a smile to everyone. After sharing a small detail of the character created by the author and inviting you to guess who our new guest is, we received many correct and very enthusiastic answers,” said Tomas Vievesis, one of the organizers of the Comic Con Baltics event.

From books and types of coffee to NFTs

Today, D. Casale’s creations have crossed the boundaries of social networks. A few years ago, the author published the highly popular comic book “Ur Special: Advice for Humans from Coolman Coffeedan” and introduced a line of three types of coffee beans “Ur Special Coffee”.

D. Casale’s work can also be observed live – on the streets of major US cities. The author has created incredible installations in New York’s Times Square, Los Angeles’ Abbot Kinney and Melrose Avenue, New York’s Brooklyn Williamsburg and elsewhere.

One of the latest areas of the developer’s activity is the creation of the Coolman’s Universe. The New Universe is a Coolman Coffeedan NFT (orig. Non-fungible token) collection created by the author to expand his brand and foster a closer relationship with fans and now collectors of his work.

While implementing different projects, D. Casale also has collaborated with legendary record producer Timbaland, filmmaker Dan Mace, famous US DJ and music producer Diplo, and Bollywood superstar Deepika Padukone.

For the first time in the Baltic States

The creator is already coming to Lithuania on October 20-22 this year. This is D. Casale’s first meeting with fans in the Baltic countries. During the “Comic Con Baltics 2023” event, the author will invite visitors to engaging conversations, and present his creative challenges, processes and fun events. Visitors will have the opportunity to take pictures together or even get Casale’s autograph.

During “Comic Con Baltics 2023”, which will be held on October 20-22, visitors will not only meet Coolman Coffeedan, but also other famous webcomic creators: “War and Peas”, “Dailypurrr” and more. There will also be an opportunity to meet actors from projects such as Strangers Things, The Witcher, and more.

During the event, LITEXPO spaces will turn into a real universe of popular culture. It will include presentations of the latest computer games and technologies, the largest cosplay competition in the Baltic States, presentations of the latest films, announcements and discussions, an interactive area for families and a lot of interesting things for traders.

October 20 is dedicated to schools at the event. Entry is free with the Culture Passport.