Justinas Kisieliauskas

Justinas Kisieliauskas

VMU teacher and writer

Associate Professor Justinas Kisieliauskas, a member of Vytautas Magnus University (VMU), follows a diverse academic path. He began with a Ph.D. in Economics and later explored roles as a writer, co-founder of a startup, and academic researcher.

Currently a part of VMU, Justinas focuses on research in marketing, consumer behavior, and creativity. His work yields valuable insights and contributes to expanding knowledge in these fields.

One notable contribution by Justinas is his commitment to esports. He played a significant role in introducing esports to the academic landscape of the Baltics while at VMU, establishing an esports laboratory, organizing tournaments, and nurturing esports teams. In doing so, he bridged the gap between academia and the world of competitive gaming.

Justinas Kisieliauskas’s journey from a dedicated economics scholar to a multifaceted writer, entrepreneur, and esports enthusiast at VMU has enriched both his life and the academic landscape.