“Samsung” joins “Comic Con Baltics 2023”: Visitors can expect extraordinary experiences

“Samsung” joins “Comic Con Baltics 2023”: Visitors can expect extraordinary experiences

“Comic Con Baltics 2023” will be even more appealing to visitors this year, thanks to the technology giant “Samsung” joining as one of the main sponsors. This partnership promises to elevate the event to new heights, offering participants an exciting combination of pop culture and cutting-edge technology.

“Samsung,” known for its innovations in the world of technology, will not only sponsor but also contribute to the event by providing “Samsung Galaxy Fold5” smartphone as a prize. This coveted device will be awarded to participants engaged in various “Comic Con Baltics 2023” activities and contests.

“Samsung’s” goal is to provide the best possible experience to visitors

Simonas Skupas, the Country Manager for “Samsung Electronics Baltics” in Lithuania, expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration, stating, “The gaming world is incredibly diverse, and our company’s goal is to provide the best possible experience to gamers of all kinds. The variety of Samsung devices tailored for gaming allows users to choose where and how they want to play. High-quality curved monitors can be used at home, while the immersive experience is guaranteed on the “Galaxy Fold5” smartphones with a foldable large screen and “Ray tracing” technology.”

Skupas further emphasized the shared values of “Samsung” and “Comic Con Baltics,” saying, “This is why we are excited to be able to join the most popular pop culture event in the Baltic countries and bring together people who share a love for gaming and technology. Just like ‘Comic Con Baltics,’ ‘Samsung,’ through its showcased technologies or participation in various initiatives, aims to promote people’s hobbies, talents, creativity, and individuality.”

He added that event attendees would have the opportunity to explore the company’s technological capabilities, play various games, and enjoy other activities, such as the chance to create 360-degree videos for social networks.

A Partnership Elevating the “Comic Con Baltics 2023” Event

Event attendees will have the opportunity to experience “Samsung’s” technological expertise firsthand as the company offers various activities.

Tomas Vievesis, the organizer of “Comic Con Baltics,” emphasized the importance of having technological partners that allow attendees to become acquainted with the latest technologies.

“We are delighted that ‘Samsung’ has become a sponsor of ‘Comic Con Baltics 2023.’ Their contribution will undoubtedly elevate the event and take the emotions experienced by attendees to the next level. In a world where technology plays a significant role, partners like ‘Samsung’ enhance the overall experience by allowing them to delve into innovations and enjoy the joy brought by pop culture, represented by Comic Con,” stated T. Vievesis.

The Synthesis of Entertainment and Technology: “Samsung” and “Comic Con Baltics 2023”

With “Samsung” teaming up with “Comic Con Baltics 2023,” participants can expect a unique fusion of entertainment and technology. This partnership not only allows fans to further indulge in their love for gaming and creativity but also offers a glimpse into the future of technology-saturated pop culture.