Raymond Cruz, the actor famous for playing Tuco Salamanca in “Breaking Bad” arrived in Vilnius

Raymond Cruz, the actor famous for playing Tuco Salamanca in “Breaking Bad” arrived in Vilnius

Raymond Cruz, the actor famous for playing Tuco Salamanca in the acclaimed series “Breaking Bad”, walked through the doors of Vilnius Airport. Late at night, other renowned actors and internet comic creators such as Sunny Suljic, “War and Peas,” “Coolman Coffeedan,” and “Ketnipz” also arrived at the airport. Their destination was the “Comic Con Baltics 2023,” the largest popular culture event in the Baltic countries, scheduled to take place from October 20 to 22 at “LITEXPO.”

Gabrielius Jauniškis photo

“I have never been to Lithuania before. I am very curious to get to know the country and to meet the fans attending the event,” said Raymond Cruz.

Of Mexican descent, R. Cruz has had a career spanning almost 40 years, portraying memorable roles in both film and television. Undoubtedly, one of his strongest portrayals was that of Tuco Salamanca in the cult series “Breaking Bad.” The character of the notorious drug lord, known for his unpredictability and fierceness, also made an appearance in the widely popular “Breaking Bad” spin-off, “Better Call Saul.”

Years of work alongside the brightest stars in the film and television world, as well as roles in some of Hollywood’s most significant projects, have made R. Cruz one of the most intriguing and anticipated guests of this year’s “Comic Con Baltics 2023.”

More prominent stars will also be present at the event. Among them is Sunny Suljic, a globally recognized actor who has participated in notable projects, including the game “God of War,” where he voiced the character Atreus, son of the main protagonist Kratos. Also attending the event are internet comic creators with millions of followers on social media, including the German duo “War and Peas,” the Welsh illustrator Harry Hambley known for the iconic character Ketnipz, and the widely popular US artist Danny Casale, better known as “Coolman Coffeedan.”

Gabrielius Jauniškis photo

“This is my first time in Lithuania, and I am very excited to be here. I have heard about the beautiful nature of the country and the pleasant people. Since I have a few days before the event, I can’t wait to take a stroll around Vilnius, and I invite all the fans to meet me from Saturday onwards,” said “Coolman Coffedan.”

The event will also host other famous actors from projects such as “Stranger Things,” “The Boys,” “The Witcher,” and the “Harry Potter” movies, allowing visitors to meet, chat, and even take photos or get autographs with them.

Throughout the weekend of October 20-22 during “Comic Con Baltics 2023,” attendees can expect not only meetings with famous actors and content creators but also the latest computer games and technology presentations, the biggest cosplay contest in the Baltic countries, premieres of the latest films, announcements, and discussions, as well as an interactive family and many other interesting activities in the trade area.

More information is available at www.ccbaltics.com/lt.