Collaborating with LTFGC at Comic Con Baltics 2023 promises unforgettable fighting game tournaments

Collaborating with LTFGC at Comic Con Baltics 2023 promises unforgettable fighting game tournaments

Prepare for epic battles!

This year, Comic Con Baltics, in conjunction with the Lithuanian Fighting Game Community (LTGFC), will present an exceptional synthesis of pop culture and fighting games, creating an extraordinary experience for all. The event, taking place from October 20th to 22nd, 2023, at LITEXPO in Vilnius, guarantees epic battles, exciting tournaments, and unforgettable moments.

The organizer of “Comic Con Baltics,” Šarūnas Tamulis, enthusiastically welcomed the news for gaming enthusiasts, saying, “We are delighted to bring together the worlds of comics, entertainment, and gaming. With LTFGC, this year’s Comic Con Baltics will be even more exciting and will offer gaming enthusiasts significantly more excitement.”

Successful Partnership

Giedrius Daugmaudis, the leader of LTFGC, shared his thoughts on this partnership: “LTFGC’s goal is to unite people who share a passion for fighting games, to participate in and organize tournaments, and to foster a competitive spirit that encourages us all to improve. Every defeat is a step closer to victory if you have the courage to endure.”

Daugmaudis emphasized the importance of joining forces with “Comic Con Baltics”: “CCB is our megaphone to introduce people to games and their community. It’s about discovering a colorful game box and seeing fans cheering together in front of the stage, shouting ‘OMG’ when players break through with unseen combinations.”

Unforgettable Tournaments Await

Here are the tournaments that await you at Comic Con Baltics 2023:

  1. “Tekken 7” – Daugmaudis explained why this game was included: “Although the next iteration of the game is on the horizon, it remains the most popular fighting game. The Tekken World Tour is in full swing, and we always get questions like ‘Hey, where’s Tekken?'”
  2. “Street Fighter 6” – “The latest form of the legendary game has more than a million reasons to pick up the controller. The game’s release was so successful that it even attracted many die-hard fans from other franchises,” he added.
  3. “Guilty Gear Strive” – “Guilty Gear has always been a niche game with the most dedicated fans. ‘If you play fighting games, you must try GG!’ ‘Strive’ managed to bring this beast out of the shadows and attracted an impressive number of new players,” noted Daugmaudis.

Organizer Šarūnas Tamulis said, “This collaboration with LTFGC at Comic Con Baltics provides an additional space for fighting game enthusiasts. The event will not only be about our favorite characters but also about becoming a part of these heart-pounding tournaments.”

Join the Fun! Get your tickets now!

Don’t miss the opportunity to dive into the exciting world of comics, entertainment, and games. Grab your tickets for Comic Con Baltics 2023, taking place from October 20th to 22nd, 2023, at LITEXPO in Vilnius.

As organizer Šarūnas Tamulis stated, “It’s a weekend filled with epic battles, tournaments, and unforgettable experiences. Get ready to become a witness to the growing gaming culture in our region!”

If you want to join in on the fun, become a member of LTFGC on Discord:

Vilnius City Municipality contributes to the organisation of Esports and Augmented Reality tournaments during Comic Con Baltics.