Hollywood stars greeted thousands of fans gathered at “LITEXPO” – “Comic Con Baltics 2023” has begun

Hollywood stars greeted thousands of fans gathered at “LITEXPO” – “Comic Con Baltics 2023” has begun

On the main stage of “LITEXPO” on Saturday, stars from prominent Hollywood projects such as “Stranger Things,” “Breaking Bad,” “Harry Potter,” and others stepped in. The memorable opening ceremony marked the beginning of the fifth-largest popular culture event in the Baltic States – “Comic Con Baltics 2023.”

“We told you we would become even bigger and better. Last year, there were more than 25,000 of us, and we can’t wait to see what this weekend will bring. We have the largest – and record-breaking – cosplay contest in the Baltic States, we have an expanded Artist Alley with over 70 creators, an incredibly expanded gaming and technology space ‘Baltics Gaming Expo,’ and of course, 12 guests from the most prominent global projects. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet them!” said the event host, Professor Jaq.

Familiar faces

Famous guests who came to Lithuania shared good emotions and great humor with the gathered fans.

“Raymond, when did you first realize you were famous?” the host asked with a smile to one of the main stars of the event, Raymond Cruz.

“Here, arriving at ‘Comic Con Baltics 2023.’ Thank you, Lithuania!” said R. Cruz, who played Tuco Salamanca in the cult series “Breaking Bad.”

Also taking the stage was Colby Minifie, a star from the popular superhero-themed series “The Boys.”

“Hello and thank you!” the actress said in Lithuanian and joyfully shared memorable moments from the set.

Welcoming the gathered fans, Anna Shaffer, the actress who portrayed one of the prominent roles in the series “The Witcher” and a memorable character in the Harry Potter films, also shared a story from the beginning of her career.

“I was very scared during my first filming, but I was 15 years old, so it was like a dream come true,” said A. Shaffer.

Introducing next year’s first guests

The event also welcomed thousands of fans and introduced Nikola Djuricko, the actor who played the role of Yuri Ismailov in the series “The Stranger Things,” as well as internet comic authors with millions of followers worldwide such as “War and Peas,” “Ketnipz,” “Coolman Coffedan,” Jenny-Jinya, Tomska, and Eddache.

“We know you are already looking forward to what will happen next year. We can already announce that we will meet in May, and you will be waiting for actors like Sean Gunn from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’,” said the event host.

Memorable experiences in the Baltic States

The largest popular culture event in the Baltic States will invite fans to explore the world of movies, series, video games, technology, and other engaging entertainment throughout the weekend. Spread over tens of thousands of square meters of “LITEXPO” space, impressive film and series decorations are set up, along with interactive gaming spaces for both young and old.

A significantly expanded gaming and technology space, now called “Baltics Gaming Expo,” occupies a separate hall this year. Throughout the weekend, tournaments of legendary games such as “League of Legends,” “Trackmania,” and “Counter-Strike” will take place. The event participants will also be introduced to the world’s first augmented reality sports branch “HADO.” All visitors will have the opportunity to try it out and even participate in an international tournament partly financed by the Vilnius City Municipality.

The event’s conference spaces have planned dozens of engaging discussions and presentations. Actors and comic creators will present their experiences and behind-the-scenes of famous projects at the event.

A separate part of the program is the “Meet Lithuanian Film Industry” platform, where the most prominent people in the country’s film industry will talk about their experiences in global projects such as James Bond films, “Mission: Impossible,” “Stranger Things,” “Chernobyl,” and many others.

In the exhibition spaces of “Comic Con Baltics 2023,” alongside other engaging activities, representatives of the Lithuanian Army and the Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of Lithuania are also present, introducing the activities of real-life superheroes and talking about the importance of cybersecurity. The project is partly financed by the Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of Lithuania.

Photo or autograph with actors

Throughout the event, visitors will have the opportunity to personally interact, take photos together, or get the desired guest’s autograph.

“Comic Con Baltics 2023” takes place on October 21-22 in Vilnius at “LITEXPO.”

Tickets and more information: https://ccbaltics.com/en/