This December “Star Wars” comes to Vilnius

This December “Star Wars” comes to Vilnius

In the begining of winter, on 2-3 December, Vilnius will host a pop culture event „Comic Con Baltics“ that will have a part of “Star Wars” galaxy. All fans of this film series that lasts for four decades will see things that was never seen before in Lithuania – various movie props and actors that had their roles in different trilogies.

One of the oldest film story in cinema history has many fans in Lithuania too, that is why it is no wonder that the small part of the galaxy will appear in “LITEXPO” exhibition centre. Fans will have no time to relax because of so many experiences.  The most attractive part of it – real size T-65 X-wing fighter, that was used by Rebel Alliance against the Empire. That is one movie prop seen for hundred times in movies and this time it will be seen in real. And not just seen. Every attendee will have an opportunity to get inside the spaceship and and feel himeslf in the seat of the pilot.

Besides that, everyone will have a possibility to go on an adventure and sit inside Starship simulator. While sitting in a starship cockpit replica, attendees will be able to try their abilities in flying a starship and destroying a Deathstar. If that is not enough, everyone will be invited to take a picture in front of a Cosmic Bunker gates or with legendary and real droids R2D2 and C3PO.

The experience of “Star Wars” will be crowned by the actors that acted in different trilogies of the saga. That is Pamela Betts, that played an iconinc character Ewok in the third movie of the original trilogy “Star Wars. Return of the Jedi”. She will be accompanied by Rony Bridges. He acted in the first movie of the newest trilogy – “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and played First Order Admiral. Both actors will share a loght on the vast history of movies and tell what it is like to be a part of the fantastic galaxy.

Besides that, during the event everyone will be able to see and buy themselves some merchandise related to “Star Wars”, action figures, T-shirts and other small things or gifts for the soon coming Christmas. This will be the unique opportunity to find something special for the loved ones. The youngest attendees of the event will have an opportunity to get temporary tattoos done at the special stand.

„Comic Con Baltics“ will invite to “LITEXPO” exhibition centre on 2-3 December. Not just “Star Wars” fans are invite to the event. There will be plenty entertainment for young and old and everyone will be able to meet different actors from other projects. Such as “Game of Thrones”, “Harry Potter” movies and so on. Don’t miss your chance to get tickets at www.tiketa.lt.