Cosplay – fantastic world coming to life at “Comic Con Baltics”

Cosplay – fantastic world coming to life at “Comic Con Baltics”

Santatory. ©Ookami Cosplay Photography

Have you ever wished to see all of the superheroes in one place? Batman shaking hands with Spiderman or Supermen fighting with Iron Man? Would you be surprised to see five Captain Americas at the same venue? These wishes might come true very soon. 2 – 3 of December in Vilnius, to be more precise, in „Comic Con Baltics“ – the place where all the heroes meet!

These types of events are very popular all over the world. „Comic Con Baltics“, that will be held in Vilnius, exhibition centre LITEXPO, is also a venue where all the best of popular culture will be in one place. There everyone will find lots to do. For instance, conferences, discussions, workshops, various guests, special market and game zones. Also, meetings with your favourite stars from cult TV series and feature movies, VFX and SFX masters and many other professionals from the movie industry. Come, meet them and get their autographs!

And that‘s not all. One of the “Comic Con Baltics” biggest attractions – Cosplay area. All the participants may take part in this colourful and fun event. The bravest ones will participate in the Cosplay competition. The prizes are amazing! Hurry up to register because the deadline is approaching soon. Others also can try their show skills in the Cosplay masquerade and get their minute of fame on stage.

TimeForLemonTea. ©Starlit Photography

In the Cosplay competition the participant is trying to not only look like a character but become one by speaking and moving like one. Like in international competitions, people make small shows where they sing, dance and do everything that according to them would reveal their character the most. This is also the key to be favoured by the audience and judges. The content of the performance is solely up to the participant. Throughout the “Comic Con” history there were times when 10 seconds performance blew everyone minds. Thus, long, short, comic or very difficult in stunts, all the styles of performances have an actual possibility to win the contest.

“Comic Con Baltics” Cosplay contest will have few categories. “Solo”; “Original character” where participants embody the characters they have come up with; “Group performance” where from 2 to 8 participants create a show; “Dance” where, obviously, a solo participant or groups dance.

Kairi. ©Studio Zahora

Alongside the Cosplay contest there will be a cosplay masquerade. For this you do not need to register beforehand. You just raise your hand and shout „I want to do it“, during the event. Differently from the ordinary Cosplay contest here everyone who wants to show their favourite character are welcome. There is no need to do a special preparation for the masquerade. Just come to the event, stand in line, get on the stage and do your improvisation.

This might be the first step to get acquainted to the Cosplay world. We want to encourage you to take part in the Cosplay contest. Creativity is in all of us and the contest is the best chance to express it. Maybe you will get to know about yourself things that you did not know before.

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