Comic Con Baltics Will Continue to Support “Nacionalinis Studentų Protmūšis 2023”

Comic Con Baltics Will Continue to Support “Nacionalinis Studentų Protmūšis 2023”

Comic Con Baltics is pleased to announce their sponsorship of “Nacionalinis Studentų Protmūšis 2023” (eng. “National Student Mindfight”), organized by ISM University of Management and Economics Student Representation, to support and celebrate the creativity of students.

According to Tomas Vievesis, one of the organizers of Comic Con Baltics, initiatives like “Nacionalinis Studentų Protmūšis 2023” are of great importance. “We believe in the power of student-driven events that bring together young minds with a passion to compete in different ways and help connect various communities. Comic Con Baltics is also proud to sponsor “Night to Unite” by Vilnius Tech University and Kaunas Technology University for their “Anime Nights”. We are thrilled to continue supporting events that foster creativity, diversity, and a sense of community among students.”

“Nacionalinis Studentų Protmūšis 2023” Organizer Expresses Appreciation for Comic Con Baltics’ Sponsorship

The organizer of “Nacionalinis Studentų Protmūšis 2023” Eglė Krapavickaitė expresses heartfelt gratitude for the sponsorship provided by Comic Con Baltics, which has contributed to making the event even better. They state, “We are grateful for Comic Con Baltics’ partnership, which contributed to making last year’s NSP an unforgettable experience for every student. Their continuous support and collaboration helps us attract more participants, and we deeply appreciate their commitment to empowering student initiatives.”

“Nacionalinis Studentų Protmūšis” is an annual event that brings together teams from universities across Lithuania to showcase their skills and compete in a friendly environment. This year’s event promises to be a thrilling showcase of student talent and teamwork. The final showdown of “Nacionalinis Studentų Protmūšis 2023” is scheduled for April 14th, 2023, featuring the top teams that have advanced from the qualifying rounds.

Comic Con Baltics’ Commitment to Empowering Student Initiatives

Comic Con Baltics highlights their commitment to supporting and empowering student initiatives. By partnering with student organizations and events, Comic Con Baltics aims to foster creativity, diversity, and a strong sense of community among students who share a passion for pop culture and entertainment.

“We strongly believe in the power of student initiatives and their impact on fostering creativity and community among young minds. We are open to listening and providing help to everyone in need. We are proud to be a part of initiatives like this, and together, we can create more memorable experiences and inspire creative minds.” – Tomas Vievesis, Organizer of Comic Con Baltics.

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