COMIC CON BALTICS will be taking place in October, 2021

COMIC CON BALTICS will be taking place in October, 2021

After weighing all the pros and cons, due to security reasons, we must announce, that we are postponing the COMIC CON BALTICS date. The largest popular culture event in the Baltic States will take place on the 2-3 of October, 2021. As usual, we will meet in Vilnius – LITEXPO exhibition center.

Why are we doing this?

We are following the situation around the world closely. While everyone’s canceling the most famous events in the world, film and TV projects and premieres, and while opportunities for travel and the arrival of actors and creators to Lithuania are limited, organizing the event this year would risk not only the safety of visitors, but also the quality of the event. We cannot afford that.

Everything will be even better!

We promise not to waste this time and will do our best to make the event even bigger and more impressive. We will announce more guests very soon. So stay tuned!

Also, we will pay special attention and time to the topic that can interest and involve every visitor – computer games and technologies. We are already working to make this space COMIC CON BALTICS 2021 even bigger and even more interactive. Of course, not at the expense of other spaces!

Finally, with more time and opportunities to search and poll your opinion, we hope to attract even more prominent and beloved actors, comedians, cosplayers and other creators to the upcoming event.


If you have already purchased a pre-ticket – you are our superhero. Today we ask you: if you have the opportunity, keep your tickets – you will go to the 2021 event with them. Also:

  • Support the event and help it grow. The money received for the tickets is used to reserve the actors, and some of the reservations have already been made.
  • By expressing a prior desire to meet at an event, you give us the opportunity to connect, interact and negotiate with the brightest stars in the world of film, TV and comics.
  • Tickets have a tendency to become more expensive, and you bought them at the lowest price.

However, if the date of the COMIC CON BALTICS 2021 event is not suitable for you or other circumstances have changed and you would still like to get your money back, we will be able to refund it from 10 to 31 of March, 2021.

Let’s communicate!

If you have any questions, ideas, or just want to share interesting news about popular culture, feel free to write to us. By personal message or e-mail email:

Let’s not be sad! COMIC CON BALTICS will be back very soon, and together we will make the event unreal!