Comic Con Baltics, which gathers more 25 thousand visitors, is back – the first stars of the event have been announced

Comic Con Baltics, which gathers more 25 thousand visitors, is back – the first stars of the event have been announced

Comic-con, one of the most popular genres of events worldwide, does not leave anyone indifferent in Lithuania. “Comic Con Baltics”, which attracted over 25 thousand visitors to Litexpo, the largest popular culture event in the Baltic States, announces that it has outgrown its previous format and plans to return in 2023 on an unprecedented scale.

The organizers of the event, which will be held for the fifth time on October 20-23, have already announced the names of the first guests who gathered millions of followers around the world.

It’s coming back on an even bigger scale

“Our experience this year has proven that the residents have already returned to their normal rhythm of life and are more than longing for quality events and entertainment. “Comic Con Baltics 2022″, which took place in the spring, gathered 25.5 thousand people, and visitors of various ages, thus increasing the spaces needed for the event. For this reason, we will return in 2023 not only with renewed content of the event but also in even bigger areas of Litexpo. In this way, we will be able to offer visitors much more unseen entertainment and interesting things”, says Tomas Vievesis, one of the organizers of the event.

Although “Comic Con Baltics 2023” will take place in October next year, the organizer reveals that the wait is definitely worth it. According to him, the entire team is already carrying out intensive preparations: communicating with well-known film and series actors, comic book creators and other potential guests, searching for and creating impressive sets for films and series, planning game and technology news presentations, and performing other important preparations.

“After receiving a lot of interest from teachers and students, we will keep last year’s novelty – a separate day dedicated to schools. Comic Con Baltics 2023 will start on Friday, and classes or schools can plan a trip to the event for free with the Culture Passport. Educational entertainment, games, various discussions and many other interesting activities will await the students. Well, the teachers are also fascinated by the fact that while staying here, young people improve their English language skills, develop creativity and get to know different professions in a format acceptable to them,” says the organizer of the event.

Guests with millions of fans

Dozens of famous film, television, computer game actors and comic creators visit Comic Con Baltics every year. Fans have already had the opportunity to interact with stars from such worldwide popular projects as “Lord of the Rings”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Star Wars”, “Harry Potter”, “The Walking Dead”, “Making Evil”, “Police Academy”, computer games “Grand Theft Auto”, “Red Dead Redemption” and others.

After announcing the date of the event organized for the fifth time, the organizers also introduced the first guests of the upcoming event. They are Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz, creators of the world-famous War and Peas webcomics.

“War and Peas are well known to internet comic fans – a creative duo from Germany with about 1.5 million followers on social networks. Having discovered a unique style of comics distinguished by great humor, the creators released them to the light of day in 2011 and since then, every Sunday, they have been delighting fans with new witty wit,” says T. Vievesis.

A separate part of the event is occupied by cosplay performances, during which creators embody their favorite characters and use their own costumes and choreography for the performance. The first announced cosplay star for the 2023 event is a performer from Belgium known by the stage name “Captain Ghostly”. The developer’s strength is the production of realistic armor and props. The guest has already visited more than fifty different events, and his costumes are exhibited in one of the largest museums in Belgium.

More stars – in the near future

The authors of the webcomics “War and Peas” and “Captain Ghostly”, together with other stars of films, television, computer games and comics, will visit the event in 2023. on October 21-22. According to the organizers, the names of other famous guests will be announced in the near future.

Visitors to “Comic Con Baltics 2023” will not only be able to meet the famous guests of the event, but also take pictures and get their autographs. Presentations of the latest computer games and technologies, the largest cosplay contest in the Baltic States, presentations of the latest films, announcements and discussions, as well as many other activities related to popular and gaming culture, will be waiting for you in the event spaces of ten thousand square meters.

The biggest popular culture event in the Baltic States will take place on October 20-22, in Vilnius, Litexpo.