Nobody Sausage

Nobody Sausage

Virtual Personality

“Nobody Sausage” is an excellent example that reveals the growing influence of virtual personalities on platforms like TikTok. Being both straightforward and visually appealing, this character is created with style and consistency. This has captivated the attention of millions of followers, who are now devoted fans of this virtual sausage character.

Attracting tens of millions of followers across various social media platforms, “Nobody Sausage” has established itself as one of the most important and influential virtual personality brands in the world.

This virtual influencer has also collaborated with globally significant brands such as Hugo Boss, Adidas, and Bershka, further strengthening its status in the digital and commercial world.

During Comic Con Baltics 2024, we will invite attendees to meet one of the driving forces behind this innovative project, Marina Menegon, the marketing director. Her strategic vision and creativity have been crucial in making “Nobody Sausage” one of the most successful virtual personalities on the international stage. Join her as she shares her engaging journey and unique experiences that shaped this groundbreaking business.