Cars from the most known Hollywood movies will come to Lithuania

Cars from the most known Hollywood movies will come to Lithuania

It is quite usual that all the attention goes to the actors, plot, camera work and something like that. But did you ever think how would James Bond or Batman look without their iconic cars? Not just the heroes themselves, but their cars have left a huge impact in movie history. Every true fan of franchises secretly dreams to see, touch and sit inside or take a picture with the very well known metal masterpieces from biggest Hollywood pictures.  „Comic Con Baltics“ have some great news – on 2-3 December in Vilnius, you will be able to fulfill your dream and see six replicas from various cinematic projects.  

1. Time machine DeLorean, that was used by Marty McQueen and Dr. Emmet Brown in many of their adventures. This car, that was driven by main charachters of Robert Zemeckis’s trilogy is very unique. Up until March 2017, there was an official list of working DeLoreans and the list has only 87 cars on it. One way or another, this car will revive the nostalgic memories from the past and will invite to see this legendary fantastic masterpiece for one more time.

2. The ones who love extravagant cars will have their attention attracted by one various intersting replica. That would be very colorful and strangely decorated car from “Son of the Mask” movie that aired in 2001. Every detail in this car is unique and very funny.

3. Batmobile is one of the most iconic symbol of every Batman movie. We can actually say, that every single batmobile is a creation of art. Very specific structure,  exterior and interior design will definitely catch an eye of every attendee. In 1989, while wearing a suit of Dark Knight and driving the same looking car, Michael Keaton was making justice in Gotham.

4. Classical white 1976 Lotucs Esprit S1, that was driven by James Bond himself, is probably mostly recognised and most unique vehicle of an agent 007.  It had not just  plenty of advanced spy technologies but was also working as a submarine. Kind of. At the event, it will surely look as driven just out of the ocean.

5. Have you seen a 2008 “Death Race” with Jason Statham? Well, then you will definitely remember the specialu pimped Porsche 911 full of rockets, machinguns and other fun stuff!

6. Younger audiences will 100% know what this car is. Of course, this is already one and only, yellow with black stripes Chevrolet  Camaro from “Transformers”. Boy, this car made not just guys but girls to drool while watching the first instalment of multi-billion franchise. And obviously, this is not JUST a Camaro. It is Bumblebee.

These cars will not be the only things being exhibited in “Comic Con Baltics” on 2-3 December in Vilnius. Many more props from movies will be there, so come and see! And, of course, take some pictures with them. Don’t miss a chance to get the cheaper tickets becouse prices will rise on 6 November. Get your tickets at www.tiketa.lt.