Josh Herdman

Josh Herdman


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Autograph sessions – 11.00-11.30; 13.30-14.00
Photo Op Sessions – 14.00-14.30; 16.30-17.00

Josh Herdman was born in Hampton, England to Martin and Jessica Herdman. He is the youngest of four boys. He started acting when he was about seven. His father is an actor and got him an agent. Josh got his big break when he auditioned for “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” and got the part of Gregory Goyle.

However, this part was not the first one the actor tried for in Harry Potter world. The actor audition for Dudley Dursley‘s role but after some auditions he lost the part to Harry Melling. „I went through about four or five rounds for Dudley and got down to the final two but missed out on it. I didn‘t hear anything for weeks and it was heartbreaking. But then I got the call asking me to audition for Goyle and got that“, – said J. Herdman during the interview for „Evening Standard“.

In this saga of fantasy movies, Josh Herdman had a role of the henchman of Draco Malfoy – the biggest archnemesis of Harry Potter in Hogwarts. Gregory Goyle was one of two guys walking everyone with Draco. He, as were all the others scholars of Slytherin house, was a pure blood sorcerer but because of big height and small mind he was considered to be a goon of Draco. Josh Herdman was the one of only 14 actors in Harry Potter movies that played his role from the first to the last movie. So, he was living in Harry Potter‘s universe for all 10 years.

After he finished with his role in Harry Potter movies, Josh Herdman started doing something absolutely different. He started to work out a lot and began his career in MMA ring. However, the actor is not leaving acting behind. Even this year he will be seen in the british films and next year he will be playing in new Robin Hood version alongside with Jamie Dornan, Jamie Foxx and Taron Edgerton.

In his spare time, he enjoys going back home to Hampton, spending time with friends and family, reading and writing.