Ian McElhinney

Ian McElhinney


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Photo Op Sessions – 13.30-14.00; 17.30-18.00

Ian McElhinney is a famous actor and director from North Ireland. He has taken part in HBO series “Game of Thrones”, “Rogue one”, “The Leap year” and so on. Ian has been born in 1948 in Belfast. Since the childhood he was interested in acting, which later on became his career path. The comments about his devotion to the every role he takes up quickly spread across the industry and, hence, he became world-famous actor.

Ian McElhinney career started in 1982 in the television film called “Cowboy”. At some point the actor has been playing in three movies in one year span. Actually, nothing has changed, currently he is as busy as he is used to be. For instance, in 2017 he has already participated in seven projects, last year he took up the role of general Dodonna in “Rogue one”.

However, one of the famous characters that Ian has played is in the HBO TV series “Game of Thrones”. Sure, the actor says that he did not expect to die so soon. Not as the most of his colleagues, Ian McElhinney has studies the whole “Game of Thrones” history, read all the books and tries to be as authentic Barristan Selmy as possible. During the shooting of the fifth season the actor understood that he is going to be killed off sooner than it happened in the books. According to the story in the books, Barristan should have lived at least till the sixth season, but in the script his story lasted till the middle of the fifth season. When Ian asked the producers about his characters possible early death he got the positive response.

„I’m disappointed. But I think you have to accept—as I have accepted—that the demands of TV are different than the demand of book writing. With TV there’s a pressure to create a number of high points. One of the big things about this series—it’s true in the books and even more true in the series—is the surprise element, the shocks. They’ve got to keep that up because people expect that. You can’t predict anything but what you can predict is that there will be surprises.“, – said an actor during one interview.

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