Returning to Comic Con Baltics for the second year

In the dynamic world of online content creation, few figures have made as significant an impact as TomSka, known in real life as Thomas Ridgewell. Born on June 27, 1990, in Essex, England, TomSka is a comedic virtuoso, writer, director, and YouTube sensation celebrated for his sharp wit and the ability to craft viral content that resonates with a wide audience.

At the core of his comedic empire lies the wildly popular “Asdfmovie” series. These rapid-fire sketch animations are characterized by quirky characters and unforgettable catchphrases, amassing millions of views and a devoted fan base. But TomSka’s influence goes beyond “Asdfmovie.”

What sets TomSka’s comedy apart is its willingness to explore edgy and dark comedic realms, appealing to an audience that appreciates his unique blend of satire and absurdity.

Beyond laughter, TomSka leverages his platform for charitable initiatives, championing important causes and using his reach to raise awareness and funds.

He’s also a prolific collaborator, having worked with numerous influential YouTubers and creators, expanding his reach within the online entertainment community.

Now, the comedy icon himself, TomSka, is set to make a special appearance at Comic Con Baltics for second year in a row, brought to you by Surfshark. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet TomSka in person and experience his comedic brilliance live! From creating humorous sketches with friends to becoming an internet sensation, TomSka’s journey exemplifies the power of online content creators to entertain and inspire millions worldwide.