Saulius Lukoševičius

Saulius Lukoševičius


Saulius Lukosevicius, a Lithuanian native, has become quite the globetrotting cinematographer based in sunny Los Angeles. He kickstarted his journey by snagging a BA in Audiovisual Arts back in 2010 and has been living the freelance DOP (Director of Photography) life ever since.

Saulius is no stranger to accolades and adventures. In 2012, he was selected for BERLINALE TALENTS, and in 2017, he took home the BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY AWARD from the Lithuanian Association of Cinematographers (LAC). He’s been part of the LAC since 2013.

But what really sets Saulius apart is his knack for embracing unique projects in some of the wildest places on Earth. Picture this: a month-long trek on the Trans-Siberian train through the frozen heart of Russia, scaling the Tian Shan mountains in Kyrgyzstan, strolling on active volcanoes in Indonesia, and capturing a historic non-stop hot air balloon flight around the world in Australia – just a handful of his thrilling escapades.

Oh, and his work on films has taken them on a whirlwind tour, racking up prestigious awards and nominations from the EUROPEAN FILM AWARDS to the STUDENT ACADEMY AWARDS, ITALIAN ACADEMY AWARDS, and LITHUANIAN FILM AWARDS.

To supercharge his career, Saulius made the leap to Los Angeles, where he snagged an MFA at the AFI Conservatory. In 2020 he received the Best Cinematography Award – Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival and is a BAFTA LA Newcomers Program participant.