Edgaras Abromavičius

Edgaras Abromavičius

LFF Esports manager and VDU Esports curator

Edgaras Abromavičius, a seasoned professional with years of experience collaborating with renowned organizations such as NBA, UEFA, and FIFA, has been at the forefront of pioneering projects in the realm of electronic sports (esports). His dedication and innovative approach have made a significant impact on the evolving esports landscape in Lithuania.

In 2022, Edgaras achieved a significant milestone by successfully defending his dissertation in the field of social sciences. This accomplishment reflects his commitment to advancing the understanding of esports and its broader implications within the academic community.

Currently, Edgaras Abromavičius holds a role as a researcher at Vytautas Magnus University (VDU), where he plays a vital part in shaping the development of esports within the academic and sports domains. His extensive involvement encompasses conducting in-depth scientific research, exploring the intricate dynamics of video gaming and esports, and contributing to the growth of this rapidly evolving industry.

With his multifaceted expertise and forward-thinking mindset, Edgaras Abromavičius continues to be a driving force in the exploration of esports, leaving a mark on its development and academic discourse.