Simas Anužis

Simas Anužis

Simas Anužis is the content creator of a popular channel on the YouTube platform.

His YouTube channel, called SVARBEUSE DARITI, has 49,000 subscribers. Simas grew the number of followers in a very short time – one year. The first-ever GTA5 RP video has been viewed more than 200,000 times on YouTube. It is worth mentioning that such numbers of views on entertainment content channels in Lithuania are extremely rare.

After studying, Simas chose to emigrate to the United Kingdom, where he discovered videography. He learned most of the things on his own, which later allowed him to work as a freelancer. In 8 years, Simas has become a professional in his field. This is illustrated by the opportunity to become a videographer for PEWDIEPIE. Simas has had the opportunity to edit the video for the PEWDIEPIE team and has been very close to the chair of the main videographer.

According to himself, the experience of being part of the world’s most famous streamer team is invaluable to him.