David Faustino

David Faustino

David Faustino is a US-born actor best known for Bud Bundy’s role in American TV series “Married… With Children”. More than a decade with Bud Bundydavidfaustino

US-born actor D. Faustino started his career when he was three months old. At the time, he appeared in an episode of American comedy “The Lily Tomlin Special”, which was filmed in the 1980s. However, he did not start regular acting until 1980 after a small role in TV series “Little House on the Prairie”.

From the early 1980s through the mid-1980s, Faustino appeared in many of the then-popular US television series. However, his big break took place in 1987, when he started acting in the series “Married… With Children”.

The 11 seasons of American sitcom comedy follows the daily lives of Bundy family living in suburban Chicago. The main characters in the series are El Bundy, the women shoe salesman and the father of the family, his lazy wife Peggy, their beautiful and popular, but a bit stupid daughter Kelly, and the youngest kid in the family, smart, but unpopular son of Bud.

D. Faustino starred Bud Bundy from the day the series debuted until the very last episode. This is more than a decade spent in the series and 259 episodes on air. What is more, in several of the episodes he not only acted but also co-wrote.

While filming “Married… With Children” Faustino continued to appear on sitcoms and other television series. These included such shows as “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose”, “Top of the Heap”, “Burke’s Law”, “MADtv”, “The New Addams Family” and others.

Although “Married… With Children” is a major point in the actor’s career, Faustino much more than only a character of Bud Bundy. Before and after this cult series, Faustino embodied dozens of different roles, in TV, movie, advertising, and online projects. Starting from the early 1980s until now the actor has created over 100 different roles in total.

True, as the actor himself reveals, acting is not his only passion. The Los Angeles-based star is also known in the music world as a DJ and rap music artist.

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