Lithuanian Shorts Cinema Hall

Lithuanian Shorts Cinema Hall


lithuanian shorts

A special weekend for movie lovers! LITHUANIAN SHORTS Cinema Hall will be waiting for you at COMIC CON BALTICS 2019!

LITHUANIAN SHORT FILM AGENCY presents 4 special short film programs for both children and adults.

Short film programme “SHORTIES FOR KIDS. 4+ “

(13:00 on Saturday)

Shorties for Kids is a programme for the youngest film viewers (4–10 years) and their moms and dads but it can be just as well appreciated by other family members, young and old. It showcases animated films that are educational examples of quality cinema, one that can serve as entertainment, source of knowledge and a curiosity-raising activity. The programme has been compiled by the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival (France), a seasoned organizer of educational activities and film programmes for children.

Total duration: 49 minutes.


dir. Oana Lacroix / Switzerland / Animation / 6 min.

The Sloth

dir. Julia Ocker / Germany / Animation / 4 min.

Come On!

dir. Nicolas Diologent / France / Animation/experimental / 3 min.

The Little Seed

dir. Chaïtane Conversat / France, Switzerland / Animation / 10 min.

After The Rain

dir. Juan Olarte, Juan Pablo De La Rosa Zalamea, Carlos Salazar, Valérian Desterne, Lucile Palomino, Rebecca Black, Céline Collin / France / Animation / 9 min.

Sam’s Dream

dir. Nölwenn Roberts / France / Animation / 7 min.

A Tiger with no Stripes

dir. Raul Robin Morales Reyes / France, Switzerland / Animation / 8 min.

Lithuanian short film programme “FESTIVAL DARLINGS“

(15:00 on Saturday; 14:00 on Sunday)

Festival Darlings is a brief tour of the original, ambitious, mysterious and inspiring worlds created by Lithuanian emerging filmmakers. This programme presents five short films which have proven already their quality at international festivals. And now you should see these masterpieces as well!

Total duration: 73 minutes.

The Juggler

dir. Skirmanta Jakaitė / animation / 2018 / 11 min.

Kupranugaris / The Camel

dir. Laurynas Bareiša / fiction  / 2016 / 14 min.

Kaukai / Running Lights

dir. Gediminas Šiaulys / animation / 2017 / 11 min.

Motinos diena / The Mother’s Day

dir. Kamilė Milašiūtė / fiction  / 2017 / 13 min.

Paskutinė diena / The Last Day

dir. Klaudija Matvejevaitė / fiction / 2017 / 24 min.

Special programme of Jonas Trukanas “SECRET WORLDS”

(17:00 on Saturday; 16:00 on Sunday)

This special focus programme presents three short films made by Lithuanian filmmaker Jonas Trukanas who always look for distinct auteur expression. Jonas is representing the generation of young Lithuanian filmmakers. He has studied film directing at University for the Creative Arts, Farnham and is now actively working in the field of commercial and cinema directing.

Total duration: 43 minutes

When The Lights Go Out

dir. Jonas Trukanas / fiction / 2019 / 13 min.

The Trolleybus-Man

dir. Jonas Trukanas / fiction / 2016 / 15 min.

Ghost I Don‘t Remember

dir. Jonas Trukanas / fiction / 2015 / 15 min.

Family friendly Lithuanian short film programme “SHOW ME SHORTS”

(12:00 on Sunday)

Sunday is the day for great cinema for the whole family. Show Me Shorts is Lithuanian short film programme sending diverse messages and presenting original visual universes. We believe that watching these great shorts the interaction with the cinematic world will be no less than unforgettable and wonderful.

Total duration: 84 minutes.


dir. Ignas Meiliūnas / animation / 2015 / 12 min.

Mr. Night Has a Day Off

dir. Ignas Meiliūnas / animation / 2016 / 2 min.

After Death, Before Hell

dir. Tomas Ramanauskas / animation / 2017 / 10 min.


dir. Nathan Jurevicius / animation / 2016 / 7 min.


dir. Jūratė Samulionytė / fiction / animation / 2007 / 15 min.

The Shoe / Batas

dir. Airidas Janušauskas / fiction / 2016 / 8 min.

The Queen of England Stole My Parents

dir. Ernestas Jankauskas / fiction / 2014 / 30 min.

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