7 Facts about legendary Duncan MacLeod and a chance to meet him in person

7 Facts about legendary Duncan MacLeod and a chance to meet him in person

In the 10s, it’s rare to find someone who hasn’t heard of the cult TV series “Highlander”. The main character of the project, a sword virtuoso from the Scottish Highlands, Duncan MacLeod, was adored by everyone – both adults and children. On May 24-26, the actor portraying the legendary character invites fans to meet in Vilnius at the largest pop culture event in the Baltic States, “Comic Con Baltics 2024 powered by Samsung”.

On this occasion, here are seven interesting facts about the iconic Duncan MacLeod.

  1. More than 400 years of history

    The legendary immortal warrior Duncan MacLeod was born in 1592 in the harsh Scottish Highlands. Throughout his centuries-long life, he became a skilled blacksmith, a masterful fencer, and a wise mentor to other immortals. His life story is a tale of love, loss, betrayal, and eternal struggle for justice.
  2. 400 actors auditioned

    More than 400 actors auditioned for the role of Duncan MacLeod, but unexpectedly, the relatively unknown actor Adrian Paul shone during the audition. Stepping onto the stage, he confidently told the producers: “Your search is over. You have found your Highlander.” This self-assurance captivated the audition committee, and A. Paul got the role, bringing him worldwide fame.
  3. Among the top 25 science fiction legends

    In 2004, the prestigious television magazine “TV Guide” included the immortal hero Duncan MacLeod in the list of the top 25 science fiction legends. He held the honorable 11th place!
  4. Script changed

    The “Highlander” series was originally conceived as a sequel to the “Highlander” movie, revolving around the hero Connor MacLeod. However, after receiving the lead role, Adrian Paul doubted the idea of changing the beloved character and instead proposed creating a new one. The writers dared to take an unexpected step and introduced Duncan MacLeod. This decision more than paid off. Adrian Paul became an integral part of the series, skillfully embodying Duncan MacLeod in six seasons and appearing in 117 episodes.
  5. Master of martial arts

    Duncan MacLeod mastered a variety of martial arts – he skillfully wielded both weapons and fought unarmed. His mastery was so impressive that he could defeat even armed immortals with his bare hands. Interestingly, the actor Adrian Paul, who portrayed Duncan MacLeod, had been actively involved in various martial arts since childhood and even later led martial arts classes.
  6. Transitioned into gaming

    Fans of Duncan MacLeod can see him not only in six television series and two subsequent films but also in the world of video games. The first “Highlander” game was released back in 1995, but unfortunately, the second one never saw the light of day. Its premiere planned for 2008 was canceled.
  7. Filmed in Lithuania

    The fifth installment of the “Highlander” movie series, “Highlander: The Source,” was filmed in Lithuania. The filming crew worked in the Old Town of Vilnius, Klaipėda port, and Trakai Castle. Moreover, many scenes were filmed at the Lithuanian Film Studio, where not only the main character’s apartment but also impressive mountain landscapes were created.

The actor returns to Lithuania

The actor Adrian Paul, who portrayed the main character in the series and films, arrives in Vilnius – the largest pop culture event in the Baltic States, “Comic Con Baltics 2024 powered by Samsung Galaxy S24”. During the event taking place at “Litexpo” on May 24-26, visitors will have a unique opportunity to participate in live discussions, ask burning questions, learn more about the actor’s personal experience, his approach to roles, and behind-the-scenes secrets. Fans will also be able to get the actor’s autograph or even take a photo together.