12 Legendary Movie Sets You Can See in Vilnius

12 Legendary Movie Sets You Can See in Vilnius

Have you ever dreamed of a selfie with Batman or the Joker? As the biggest pop culture event, “Comic Con Baltics 2024 powered by Samsung” approaches, impressive decorations from popular movies and TV series have flooded Vilnius, allowing everyone the opportunity to capture moments with their favorite heroes. Find out which spectacular characters await you.

3-Meter “Oscar” Statue

Although the real “Oscar” statuette is only 34 centimeters tall and weighs just 3.85 kilograms, you can now see a replica in Vilnius – a 3-meter-high statue. Created back in 1929, this award hides many interesting stories. For example, each statuette has a unique serial number and a strict warning to the owner – the “Oscar” cannot be sold or given away, only returned to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

“Justice League” Team

Four impressive, 2-meter-high statues of “Justice League” characters – Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Batman – will appear in Vilnius. These are some of the most popular characters among DC Comics fans.

Superman – Inspired by the Legendary Comic

At “Comic Con Baltics 2024 powered by Samsung Galaxy S24,” visitors will also find one of the most popular superheroes of all time – Superman. The legendary superhero’s replica, brought from the movie “Batman v Superman,” is 2.25 meters tall. Interestingly, 12 different versions of Superman’s costume were created for the film, but ultimately, the one inspired by the legendary comic “The Dark Knight Returns,” designed by Frank Miller, was chosen.

Iconic Villains

Vilnius residents and visitors will also be able to meet legendary DC Comics villains – Joker and Harley Quinn. Impressive sculptures of Gotham City’s villains will transport you to the dark side of the comic world, where chaos and madness reign. Did you know that both Joker and Harley Quinn were initially intended to be only episodic characters? However, their charisma so captivated fans that they became an integral part of the comic universe and gained exceptional popularity.

Famous “Looney Tunes” Characters

Young visitors of the event will also have a special surprise – the chance to capture moments with beloved “Looney Tunes” characters, including the mischievous bunny Bugs Bunny and the eternal rivals Tom and Jerry. You might be surprised to learn that Bugs Bunny is one of the few fictional characters with his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Magical World of “Harry Potter”

This year, the biggest pop culture event in the Baltic States will delve into the magical world of “Harry Potter.” Visitors will not only have the opportunity to meet stars from the movie saga – actor Devon Murray, who played Seamus Finnigan, and actress Natalia Tena, who portrayed Nymphadora Tonks – but also see an impressive 2-meter-tall statue of the dark lord Voldemort. Interestingly, in the movie, this menacing character’s costume was designed to look as if it were made of smoke, using five different layers of silk of varying thickness.

Giant “Squid Game” Doll

Red light, green light! One of the most impressive decorations at the event – the 3.5-meter-tall “Squid Game” doll, which has appeared at the event for several years. Did you know that the doll seen in the series is now displayed at the Macha Land museum in South Korea? It’s true, it hardly differs from the giant one in Vilnius.

You Can See the Decorations Now

The most impatient fans can already see some of the decorations – the “Oscar” statue, Batman, Joker, and the “Squid Game” doll – at “Caffein” cafes in Vilnius. All the decorations will be presented at the event held on May 24-26 at the “Litexpo” exhibition center during “Comic Con Baltics 2024 powered by Samsung Galaxy S24.”

Besides impressive decorations, the event will feature meetings with world-class foreign guests, presentations of the latest computer games and technologies, the biggest cosplay competition in the Baltic States, movie premieres, discussions, an interactive family area, “Artists’ Alley,” a trading area, and many other exciting activities.