12 activities to do during “Comic Con Baltics 2022: Together with GameOn”

12 activities to do during “Comic Con Baltics 2022: Together with GameOn”

The biggest popular culture event in the Baltic States – “Comic Con Baltics 2022: Together with GameOn” – will return to Vilnius on 20 of May. The three-day fiesta of popular culture and computer games promises to surprise visitors this year with the variety of activities, types of entertainment and discussions.

To make it easier to create an agenda for the best weekend of the year, we invite you to get acquainted with the main activities of the event.

1) Platform #MeetLithuanianFilmIndustry presented by “Telia”

Meet Lithuanian Film Industry

Have you heard that representatives of the Lithuanian film and television industry have contributed to such films as “Fast and Furious”, “Transformers”, “Avengers”, “Game of Thrones” or “Chernobyl”? During the event, the country’s most famous stuntmen, producers, actors, animators and film scouts will talk about these and many other famous film projects on the #MeetLithuanianFilmIndustry” platform, presented by “Telia”. Movie enthusiasts should not miss this!

More information can be found HERE.

2) Opening Ceremony

Renginių kalendoriaus pokyčiai - COMIC CON BALTICS

On Saturday, 21 of May, 11:30 AM the official opening ceremony of “Comic Con Baltics 2022: Together with GameOn” will attract the attention of the event visitors on the main stage. World famous guests will be presented here! Do not miss to see the famous “Breaking Bad” actor RJ Mitte, the stars of “Red Dead Redemption 2”, Rob Wiethoff and Roger Clark, Enrique Arce from “Money Heist”, film and content creator TomSka, who has millions of followers all over the world and also the famous comic book authors Sarah Andersen, Reza Farazmand, Cassandra Calin.

Let’s meet in Hall 3 during the opening!

3) E-sports Stage

Both e-sports fans and newcomers to the field will be welcome in this stage. Only in the E-sports Stage visitors will be able to play, interact and watch the best of the best games. On the first day of the event, Friday, a duo of social network stars and gamers Lukas Čestovas and AntanasJ will appear on the stage. While popular computer game tournaments and their finals will be waiting for those who come to the event on Saturday and Sunday.

Search for Hall 4!

4) Panels with actors


Undoubtedly, one of the favorite activities of the event is the panels with actors. During the discussions on Saturday and Sunday, visitors will have a unique opportunity to hear first-hand impressions about the works of film, television and computer game stars, participating in the event.

The discussions will take place on the main stage and in the Delfi & Login.lt hall, and will be moderated by Lithuanian actors, journalists and representatives of the entertainment world: Aistė Diržiūtė, Ignas Grinevičius, Justinas Jankevičius and Vaidas Baumila.

You can find the program HERE.

5) Autograph and photo sessions

As every year during the event, visitors will have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the actors who came to the event, get their signatures and a photo with their favorite stars. This will require a special ticket, which can be purchased during the event.

6) GameOn spaces and conferences

Although games have always been an important part of the “Comic Con Baltics” event, joining forces with “GameOn”, the largest computer game convention in the Baltics, will add even more to the event. This year, visitors interested in computer games and industry news will have the opportunity to participate in the “GameOn” games conference presented by the Lithuanian Game Developers Association and event partner “Nordcurrent”. During the conference, representatives of the gaming world from all over Europe will share their experience, insights and practical advice.

See more details by clicking HERE.

7) Cosplay competition


An integral part of the event, is the Cosplay competition. This year’s competition attracted more than 100 cosplayers, including such famous names as ZEL, Okkido, Merryallnighter, Zibart, Skymone, Visual Aya. The competition will start on Saturday at 2 PM. with a cosplay guest discussion, and a solemn cosplay awards ceremony will take place on Sunday at 5 PM.

Performances and awards will take place in Hall 3.

8) Family area

There will be activities and entertainment for everyone – both adults and children! While parents participates in interesting panels with Hollywood stars or tries out the latest gaming technologies, young visitors will be able to take part in various fun activities and games. This year, children will be able to participate in fun experiments with the team of the Energy and Technology Museum, Eduland’s creative joy classes, Robo Arena’s robot battles, Lü’s interactive playground, mobile laboratory “VIVI HU”, modern technological, engineering and mechanical “Robotics School” programming classes and play with LEGO constructors, puzzles, other games.

9) Artist Alley

In a unique space where various artists from Lithuania and around the world present their works, visitors will meet internet comics authors Reza Farazmand, creator of Poorly Drawn Lines, Cassandra Calin, author of Cassandra Comics, Sarah’s Scribbles author Sarah Andersen and many other prominent creators.

The most famous paintings of the famous contemporary artist Algis Kriščiūnas will also be exhibited in the space of Artist Alley.

10) Merchant Zone

Traditionally, throughout the event, visitors will find a wide range of items related to popular culture – comics, figures, posters, movie replicas, home decorations, movies, records, DVDs, clothes, accessories and many more.
In this space it will also be possible to find exclusive food products and various delicacies that are rarely found in Lithuania.

Among the brands visiting the event are Fantasmagoria, one of the largest gothic clothing stores, KuroNeko, the biggest store for Asian cuisine enthusiasts, and … SURPRISE from Comic Con Baltics.

You will find it all in Hall 5!

11) 20+ space

Intrigue for visitors over 20 years old! We will not reveal the secret of the location of this zone. You will have to discover it for yourself. Just now, it is somewhere her in LITEXPO.

12) Challenge and entertainment spaces

The fun and challenges at the event are sure to come soon! Friends of “Comic Con Baltics 2022: Together with GameOn” have prepared a set of intriguing activations for all event attendees.

• Challenge lovers are invited to try their hand at “Halls” Challenge Space, which features table football, a rally simulator, a combat computer game room, a virtual reality experience on the ledge of the skyscraper. Here you will be able to even have a real tattoo done!
• The “TUC” arcade games space will be waiting at the event. Visitors will have the opportunity to indulge in nostalgic memories with one of the most popular games of decades.
• In the “Belvita” space, visitors will find the big handmade “Margas Miškas” games for both adults and children.
• On 21 of May “Telia” favorite show “VISKAS ĮDOMU” (eng. Everything is Interesting) will be filmed at the event. The hosts Milda Noreikatė and Andrius Dainys will discuss the latest comic films – “Spider-Man: There is No Way Back” and “Batman”.
• Lithuanian Armed Forces will present a real tank at the event! Make sure to visit their space and get acquainted with the important daily tasks of our true heroes.

The most unique weekend of the year in Vilnius

The list of activities of the event is really extensive, but we remind you that we have singled out not every of the activations which will wait for you at the LITEXPO. Visitors of “Comic Con Baltics 2022: Together with GameOn” will find incomparably more exclusive entertainment and unique activities.

Let’s meet at LITEXPO on 20-22 of May!

You will find tickets on TIKETA platform.

You can find the full program of the event HERE.