11 things you must do at “Comic Con Baltics”

11 things you must do at “Comic Con Baltics”

Comic Con Baltics will take place on December 2nd and 3rd in Vilnius, Lithuania. There will be a bunch of things to do and see there, so to help you out we list 11 (ping Stranger Things) of them that you MUST

  1. Actors and actresses. You will get a chance to meet on-screen talents from Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Police Academy, Deadpool and other famous projects. Don‘t miss your opportunity to meet them, grab a photo ar even an autograph from them.
  2. Lithuanian cinema showcases. You will get a chance to be one of the few who get a first glimpse at major Lithuanian projects such as “Amidst Grey Clouds”, “Isaac”, “The Owl Hill”, “Reunion. Boys are back!” and others. You will also have a chance to meet the actors, producers, directors and writers behind those projects.
  3. Cosplay contest. “Comic Con Baltics” will be the biggest cosplay event in the Baltic states ever. 151 cosplayers from 8 different countries will participate. Don’t miss their amazing performances! And don’t forget to dress up yourself, as the event will try to break the Baltic states record of most cosplayers in a single event.
  4. Awesome photo opportunities. Don‘t forget your selfie stick as there will be plenty opportunities to take amazing photos – life sized Star Wars spaceship, car replicas from Batman, James Bond, Transformers and others, THE throne from Game of Thrones and loads of other cool stuff.
  5. Entertainment zone. If you‘re looking for some interaction and fun for yourself, you‘ve come to the right place. There will be a special gaming zone, where you‘ll be able to play retro and some of the newest games out there. Comic Con Baltics will also have a bunker from video game “STALKER”, you’ll have to work your brain a bit in that one.
  6. Fun for the whole family. Families are very much welcome at “Comic Con Baltics” everyone will have something to do. The little ones will be able to spend some time with the popular Kakė Makė character, there will be LEGOs and Japanese construction toys. You’ll also have a chance to show off your skills on some trampolines.
  7. Comics. What kind of Comic Con would it be without comics? And if you think it‘s only for kids, well you‘re mistaken. We‘ll have comic artists from around the world, such as Sarah Andersen of the Sarah Scribbles fame, comic artist Marco Castiello from Italy who did comics for DC, Dark Horse, Halo and other big names, the event will also have breakthrough Lithuanian comic artist Miglė Anušauskaitė and others.
  8. Merchandize. The event will have loads of awesome merchandise for you to choose from for you Christmas shopping. We‘ll definitely have something special that you can‘t find nowhere else, from merchants from abroad to handmade pieces of art.
  9. Introducing the Lithuanian superhero. Together with the Lithuanian military Comic Con Baltics will present a new superhero. You‘ll get the first chance to meet him. All the other details are kept in secrecy.
  10. World class stuntman performance. RedBull and Comic Con Baltics presents a performance for the ages from Lithuanian stunt riding megastar – Aras Gibieža. He‘s a multple time stunt riding World Champion, and he will be performing twice during Comic Con Baltics, don‘t miss out on this!
  11. Lithuanian Youtubers. You shouldn‘t miss your chance to meet the new generation of Lithuanian celebrities – the YouTube stars. You‘ll be able to meet & greet with them and join in the discussion at their panel.

That‘s a pretty lengthy list, but that‘s just a piece of cool stuff, amazing guests you‘ll see at Comic Con Baltics. Don‘t miss your chance to spend an awesome weekend among other happy people. Get your tickets at www.tiketa.lt.