<strong>“Samsung” becomes the main partner of the “Comic Con Baltics” festival – exclusive gaming experiences for visitors</strong>

“Samsung” becomes the main partner of the “Comic Con Baltics” festival – exclusive gaming experiences for visitors

One of the biggest technology companies, “Samsung”, has become the main partner of the festival “Comic Con Baltics”, organized for the sixth time. According to “Samsung” representatives, the reason behind this choice is the scale of the event, allowing to present the company’s groundbreaking news to the audience from the Baltic countries. The most important of these are “Galaxy S24” smartphones enhanced with artificial intelligence for gaming.

Comic-cons are one of the most visited events in the world, taking place from San Diego to Delhi. These are popular culture festivals that bring together enthusiasts of cinema, television series, video and board games, books, and comics. The events captivate with cosplay performances, engaging discussions, shopping spaces, and the opportunity to meet idols – actors from famous Hollywood movies and series, professional creators, and comic book authors, who attract millions of audiences.

In Lithuania, the “Comic Con Baltics” event has been taking place since 2017. Just last year, the festival in Vilnius was attended by 30 thousand visitors from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and other European countries.

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At the center of the partnership – video games

This year’s event in May will significantly grow, which is illustrated by the new name – “Comic Con Baltics 2024 powered by Samsung Galaxy S24”.

“At the beginning of this year, we introduced our latest flagship phone, the “Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra”. In addition to innovative artificial intelligence features, the device is designed so that every mobile gaming enthusiast can fully immerse themselves in the game. All of this is driven by a powerful processor, the brightest “Galaxy” screen, long-lasting battery, and, importantly for discerning and experienced gamers, support for Ray tracing. Failing to showcase all these capabilities to the biggest gaming fans in the Baltic countries would be a real shame, and this event is one of the best opportunities to meet with them and do just that”, says Simonas Skupas, the head of “Samsung Electronics Baltics” in Lithuania.

During “Comic Con Baltics”, the “Baltics Gaming Expo” will feature an exclusive “Samsung” gaming tournament among a myriad of activities. Event attendees will have the opportunity to compete with the country’s and region’s most famous video game professionals.

In the dedicated “Samsung” space, the main focus will be on the news – the most powerful phone for gaming, the “Samsung Galaxy S24”. The first smartphone where almost every aspect is touched by the possibilities opened up by “Galaxy AI”.

“In the world of technology, “Samsung” is one of the most recognizable brands. The company’s involvement will help the event keep pace with the latest technologies, and visitors will be delighted with exclusive activations. This partnership is a big and important recognition for our team, showing that by working purposefully and ambitiously, we can achieve excellent results”, says Tomas Vievesis, one of the event’s organizers.

Shaping the pop culture community

Over seven years of activity, “Comic Con Baltics” has become a phenomenon, shaping the pop culture community in the Baltic region, educating about the significance of this culture in the modern world.

Since 2017, thanks to the organizers of the festival, stars from projects such as “Games of Thrones”, “Lord of the Rings”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Stranger Things”, “GTA V”, “Star Wars”, “The Walking Dead”, and others have already visited Vilnius. This year, two actors from “Harry Potter”, “Marvel”, and other projects are expected.

In the context of “Comic Con Baltics” in 2022, an exclusive platform called “Meet Lithuanian Film Industry” was born, introducing the public to the achievements of the Lithuanian film industry – actors and creators – in the international market.

Last year, at the “Revolution Awards 2023”, “Comic Con Baltics” was recognized as the best event in Lithuania in the B2C and conference categories.

“Comic Con Baltics 2024 powered by Samsung Galaxy S24” is planned for May 24-26 in Vilnius, at “LITEXPO”.