Danielius Vargonas

Danielius Vargonas

Cyber Threat Hunting Team Lead, NCSC

Danielius Vargonas was first introduced to information technology while studying nuclear physics. This led to his first job in the field of electronic information security, researching computers, network devices, and similar equipment emitting electromagnetic radiation (CE or EMI). Later, his professional interest shifted towards bioinformatics during his master’s studies, which prompted him to start learning programming and introduced him to machine learning concepts and software engineering. Since his experience in the CE laboratory had always been related to security, only at a lower level (electronics), the transition to cybersecurity happened naturally. In the field of cybersecurity, he had to perform various tasks, including incident response, investigation (computer forensics), and malware reverse engineering.

Currently, Danielius is leading the cyber threat hunting team at the National Cyber Security Centre of the MoD, and this year he is also leading the cyber rapid response team in the EU defence project (PESCO CRRT).

Danielius is interested in cinema, TV series, anime, computer games, ttRPGs. He is very interested in Japanese culture and has been training in Aikido since 2008. In his spare time, he is an amateur computer game developer and participates in the Lithuanian game developer and AI/ML communities.