Surfshark Makes a Splash: Returning to Comic Con Baltics as Sponsor for Round Two

Surfshark Makes a Splash: Returning to Comic Con Baltics as Sponsor for Round Two

Comic Con Baltics is thrilled to announce the return of Surfshark as a sponsor for the second consecutive year. The partnership, which began last year, brought a wave of excitement to the event, and this year promises even more thrilling experiences for fans. Last year, Surfshark delighted attendees by bringing popular YouTuber TomSka to the event and creating an unforgettable lounge area. This year, they are upping the experience by not only bringing back TomSka but also introducing his colleague Eddache to the Comic Con Baltics stage, as well as, creating an even more engaging lounge area.

“Comic Con Baltics was a natural fit”

Surfshark’s decision to join Comic Con Baltics as a sponsor was motivated by their desire to align with events that resonate with their culture and community. Simona Lubytė, Surfshark’s Employer Brand Team Lead, explains, “Comic Con Baltics was a natural fit since we have a thriving community of cosplay and gaming enthusiasts, many of whom have attended the event in the past. It was a logical step for us to be part of an experience we knew would excite our people.”

The synergy between Surfshark’s brand objectives and Comic Con Baltics’ core values, Simona highlights the shared passion. “What resonates most is our shared passion. At Surfshark, we’re deeply passionate about what we do, and we understand the incredible power it holds. When we seek collaborations, we look for that same level of dedication.” She also emphasizes the importance of community, noting, “Comic Con Baltics boasts an enthusiastic fan base, and you can sense their energy during the event. This resonates with us because we foster a similar sense of enthusiasm within our team. So, when passion meets a strong community, extraordinary things can unfold, and that’s precisely why we relish partnering with Comic Con Baltics.”

Looking forward to creating more memorable experiences for fans

Comic Con Baltics organizer Tomas Vievesis expresses his delight about Surfshark’s continued sponsorship, saying, “We are thrilled to have Surfshark return as a sponsor for Comic Con Baltics. Their support last year added a fantastic dimension to the event, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us this year. Their commitment to our community and shared values make them an ideal partner, and we look forward to creating more memorable experiences for our fans together.”

With Surfshark’s renewed sponsorship, Comic Con Baltics promises an even more exciting and immersive experience for attendees. The return of TomSka and the introduction of Eddache are sure to be highlights of this year’s event, bringing together the worlds of online content creation and pop culture in a unique and thrilling way. Fans can expect a dynamic blend of entertainment, passion, and community spirit at Comic Con Baltics, thanks to the continued support of Surfshark.