Meet “Nobody Sausage”: A Virtual Star Will be visiting Lithuania

Meet “Nobody Sausage”: A Virtual Star Will be visiting Lithuania

With 30 million followers and attention from major brands, the online personality “Nobody Sausage” has become a phenomenon. Sitting at the top of the list of the most influential virtual characters globally, this animated sausage, always vibrant and setting the latest trends on TikTok, plans to make an appearance in Lithuania. The exclusive visit is expected during May 24-26, at the largest popular culture event, “Comic Con Baltics 2024.”

Influencer Sausage

First appearing on social media in 2020, the influencer rapidly became an internet sensation. Today, boasting over 30 million followers on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, the virtual personality is known for her vivid and entertaining videos that often become sources for the latest internet trends.

For this reason, in 2021, “Nobody Sausage” made it to the top of the list of the most influential online personalities.

Claiming to live in the capital of Portugal, Lisbon, “Nobody Sausage” is popular not only among followers but also among major brands. She has become a character in advertising campaigns for international companies such as Netflix, Adidas, Hugo Boss, and others.

Aiming to make people laugh

The main goal of this virtual personality on social media is to encourage others to laugh.

“With her style, straightforward yet fun content, ‘Nobody Sausage’ attracts the attention of millions of users every day. From visits to the gym to late-night chats with friends, trips to the dentist, or time at the beach, the character invites followers into every moment of her virtual reality. As daily followers, we enjoy both the striking image of ‘Nobody Sausage’ and her charm and excellent sense of humor. It’s amazing that we can get to know this internet phenomenon up close this May,” says Tomas Vievesis, one of the organizers of “Comic Con Baltics 2024.”

During the largest popular culture event in the Baltic countries, “Comic Con Baltics 2024,” “Nobody Sausage” will be presented by one of the project creators, the driving force behind it, Marketing Manager Marina Menegon.

To get up close with the virtual opinion shaper “Nobody Sausage,” it will be possible next spring, from May 24 to 26, at “LITEXPO.” Visitors to the “Comic Con Baltics 2024” event will have the opportunity to ask interesting questions, learn about the behind-the-scenes of the project, and purchase the latest “Nobody Sausage” merchandise.

May is just around the corner

It has also been confirmed that more globally renowned personalities will participate in the event. Among them are stars from “Harry Potter” films Natalia Tena and Devon Murray, “Marvel” film actor Sean Gunn, actress Natasha Halevi, internet comic stars “Natural Habitat Shorts,” and Nathan W. Pyle, the creator of “Strange Planet” comics.

During the event, visitors will have the chance to take photos together or even get autographs from actors and creators.

The sixth “Comic Con Baltics” will feature the latest computer games and technology presentations in the exclusive “Baltics Gaming Expo” space, the largest cosplay contest in the Baltic countries, presentations of the latest films, announcements, and discussions, the “Meet Lithuanian Film Industry” platform inviting participation in discussions with prominent representatives of Lithuania’s film industry on a global scale, an interactive family space, the “Artists Alley” bringing together nearly a hundred popular culture artists every year, a merchant space offering many curiosities, impressive decorations from the world’s most famous films and TV shows, and many other attractions.

The first day of the event, May 24th, Friday, is dedicated to schools. Entrance with a Culture Pass is free.

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