I Wanna Be First

I Wanna Be First

Comic Con Baltics 2020

This year’s Comic Con Baltics 2019 once again became the biggest pop-culture event in the Baltic countries.

With more than 19 thousand visitors over two days, actors from famous Hollywood projects and world-known comic artists, Comic Con Baltics is always the place to be. So if you still haven’t been to Comic Con Baltics, it’s already three years of missing something that is unique, never seen before and the only opportunity to get this close to Hollywood, while not stepping out of Vilnius, Lithuania.

Our team has a lot in store for 2020, so make sure you have the cheapest ticket to Comic Con Baltics 2020, as you really don’t wanna miss the biggest superhero meeting spot of the year.

Not convinced?

If you’re still wondering “is it really that good?”, check our prep-day video, where we were preparing for the BIG DAY.