Comic Con Baltics continues its sponsorship initiatives by supporting the “Protų Arena” eSports tournament organized by “Adrena”

Comic Con Baltics continues its sponsorship initiatives by supporting the “Protų Arena” eSports tournament organized by “Adrena”

The largest pop culture event, Comic Con Baltics, is delighted to contribute to yet another event – this time by enhancing the prize pool of the “Protų Arena” eSports tournament organized by “Adrena.” The goal of this tournament is to promote gaming culture and eSports not only in Lithuania but also in other Baltic countries.

According to Tomas Vievesis, the organizer of the biggest popular culture event, both Comic Con Baltics and “Adrena” share a common objective of encouraging and increasing awareness of gaming culture in society. He states, “It’s an excellent place for computer game enthusiasts not only to test their knowledge but also to discover new gaming trends and establish new connections. We believe that the ‘Protų Arena’ tournament will attract a considerable number of gaming enthusiasts and foster the growth of this community in both Lithuania and the Baltic states.”

“Adrena” – organization renewing its activities

“Adrena” is an eSports organization dedicated to increasing the popularity of gaming and eSports in Lithuania and, over time, in the Baltic states. As Gevorg Gevorgian, a representative of “Adrena” explains, this is the organization’s second start after a brief hiatus: “Our team recently reestablished itself with a different structure. It is essential for us to commence our activities not only with unique projects that are not typically pursued by other eSports organizations but also projects that can engage anyone interested in the world of computer games, not just the eSports scene.”

Additionally, “Adrena” is involved in organizing tournaments and various events of different formats, aiming to bring together both newcomers and long-time acquaintances of the organization, strengthen relationships, foster the desire to create something new, and promote personal growth and exploration.

“Protų Arena” – a real challenge for gaming enthusiasts

The main focus of this event is a competition centered around computer gaming. Participants will be presented with questions about the gaming industry and popular computer games such as “Counter Strike,” “League of Legends,” and more. But that’s not all. During the breaks, there will be small but exciting “GameRoom” “Mortal Kombat” tournaments where players can showcase their skills and compete for fantastic prizes.

“Anyone can participate in the tournament, from beginners to veterans, from the youngest to the oldest. What matters most are common interests and enthusiasm,” says G. Gevorgian.

The organizers of the tournament express their gratitude to Comic Con Baltics for their support.

According to them, this collaboration will help strengthen the eSports and gaming community and attract new members.

“We aim to bring together a broader community from different cultures and subcultures, as long as they have even a slight interest in games. We are thrilled that the largest pop culture event in the Baltic states, Comic Con Baltics, with its vast and diverse audience, contributes to achieving this goal,” expresses G. Gevorgian.

The tournament will take place on May 27th at 18:00 at the sports bar “Action!” in PPC Oze (Ozo g. 18, III a.).