Elyon Cosplay

Elyon Cosplay


Hungarian cosplayer, living in Germany.

She is a professional fashion designer who loves cosplay, especially making big and detailed princesses’ gowns.

Please introduce yourself – what’s your cosplay name, where are you from, how long have you been cosplaying?

Hi, I’m Elyon Cosplay, a Hungarian girl living in Germany. We started cosplaying with my husband, Gabor more than 5 years ago and we’re doing it together ever since.

How did you start cosplaying? What was you first costume?

We already visited lots of conventions before we started cosplaying mainly because I was a lolita for years and during these years I was studying fashion design as well. After I graduated in Paris in 2012 and I could already sew, I decided to make our first cosplays, and we had so much fun as Giselle and Robert from the Disney movie Enchanted that we couldn’t stop since! We also won our first (small) cosplay competition at that event which really inspired us to keep on cosplaying.

Do you have your favorite costume? If yes – what is it and why?

Usually I would say the newest. My skills improved a lot during the years, and I learn so many new stuff while working on cosplays, that I can’t stop looking at the flaws on my old costumes. At the moment my blue Broadway Anastasia Musical dress is my favourite, I finished it about 2 months ago.

What part of this hobby/life style do you like the most? Why?

Sewing is definitely my favourite part as a professional fashion designer, and I especially like creating tiny details with lots of hand-stitching to create a more interesting look. I’m usually watching lots of series while working on the time-consuming part of a cosplay, and I think it can be really relaxing!

Why cosplay is important for you?

People are so friendly and full of energy at conventions that even if I just look at them, and chat with them a bit, I get a huge amount of positive feelings. And of course it’s just the perfect way to show your creativity!

How do you choose characters that you cosplay?

I mostly cosplay princesses as I really like big gowns, and Gabor can accompany me as my handsome prince. But sometimes we cosplay from series and mangas as well, the only important thing is that we have to LOVE the characters.

How much time do you usually spend on one costume? What was the longest time you spent on one costume and which costume it was?

It really depends on the difficulty: I have one-day-projects as well, and sometimes I spend months on a costume. My most time-consuming cosplay is definitely Glinda’s bubble dress from the Wicked musical. I worked more than 300 hours on it so far (over 3 years), I hand-stitched about 40000 sequins on it, and sometimes when I look at it, I still think it’s not finished.

What would you consider to be the biggest achievement in you cosplay career?

I really like to attend cosplay competitions, and we won several of these, but to mention a different type of achievement, I was really proud to be one of the cover-girls of the Cohaku magazine which is completely about cosplay.

Do you have any funny stories or accidents related to cosplay?

I’m really clumsy so lots of funny things are happening to me, and they usually seem really tragic at that moment, but I can laugh about them later. Luckily nothing serious happened so far, but for example if we have a photoshoot planned around a lake, river, fountain, or anything related to water, you can be sure I’ll fall in the water at one point somehow.

What would you say for people who thinks that cosplay is pointless waist of time and money?

To be honest I could stand in a middle of a convention for hours just watching at cosplayers and I would already have fun. An activity always has a point from the moment when people start enjoying it, and that makes it such a great hobby! So even if you’re not a cosplayer, you can be happy about the fact that it makes other people happy! Isn’t it the most important thing in life? 🙂

What would you advice or whish for people who want to start cosplaying, but for unknown reasons are afraid or just don’t know where to start?

The most important thing is that you shouldn’t be afraid, as everybody starts small, everybody fails in creating costumes sometimes, and it’s completely normal. It’s the way of learning, and even if you struggle a bit during the progress, I’m sure you’ll have so much fun in the end, you just have to be patient!

Is there anything else you would like to say?

We’re really happy we’ll be part of Comic Con Baltics this year, and we can’t wait to see how the cosplay community is doing there! We wish you lots of fun and see you soon!