16 activities that must be done during Comic Con Baltics 2019

16 activities that must be done during Comic Con Baltics 2019

On September 21-22, Vilnius will be shaken by Comic Con Baltics 2019, the largest pop-cultural event in the Baltics. For the third year in a row, the two-day event if going to have a wide variety of different types of activities, entertainment, presentations and discussions, which will engage audiences of different ages and hobbies.

Here visitors will meet with world famous Hollywood actors, web-comic authors and Lithuanian film-makers. Also – trials of computer games and related technologies, screenings of the latest Lithuanian short films, cosplay competition, shopping space and much more.

Tomas Vievesis, the organizer of Comic Con Baltics 2019, shares tips on how to get the most out of the only comic-con event in the Baltics. According to the organizer, the most important this is to have a correctly prioritized list.

16 must-do actions for Comic Con Baltics 2019

1) Meetings with actors

Comic Con Baltics 2019 will feature actors from projects such as The Walking Dead, Vikings, Married… With Children. During the two-day event, visitors will be able to participate in discussions and presentations with actors, meet them in the hallways of the Litexpo exposition hall, or try out the entertainment and activities prepared for the event. Don’t miss the chance to meet and interact with world-class movie and TV stars!

During the discussions and presentations actors will be interviewd by famous Lithuanian moderators – Justinas Jankevičius, Paulius Ambrazevičius, Vaidotas Baumila, Dominykas Klajumas and others.

This year’s event will feature:

  • DAVID FAUSTINO, starring Bud Bundy in the Married … With Children series.
  • STEVEN OGG, from “The Walking Dead” and “Westworld”. Also, having embodied a leading role in GTA V.
  • GEORGIA HIRST, who played one of the main characters in the Vikings series.

2) Meets with the world’s most famous web-comic authors

The third Comic Con Baltics will host two of the world’s most famous online comic book creators. These include Rob DenBleyker, the leader of Cyanide & Happiness, the most followed web comic on social media, and Maya and Yehuda Devir, perhaps the most well-known couple in web comics. The comic series “One of Those Days“, has over 5 million followers on Instagram alone.

During the event, visitors will have the opportunity not only to interact, but also to purchase comic strips with signatures.

3) Autograph and photo sessions

It is true that those wishing to attend the event will not only be able to communicate, but also to commemorate with the stars who attended the event and even get their signatures. All you have to do is buy a special ticket at the ticket office inside Hall 5 or a superhero ticket at the Tiketa box office.

The professional photographer will take pictures with the actors and visitors will be able to take them in just a few minutes.

4) Movie decorations

As every year, visitors will find themselves in a variety of different sceneries from well-known motion pictures and series, spread over different venues. At this point, we can say that there is going to be a 10-foot-long Game of the Thrones dragon, a 6-meter Transformers robot, and many other truly iconic movie decorations.

5) The Walking Dead Experience

There‘s going to be an intimidating “Walking Dead” theme-based, action-packed, challenging area, which is going to spread over more than 200 square meters. Here, visitors will experience a zombie apocalypse and will try  to escape through a unique virus-infected area created for the event. We can only dispense enough adrenaline! As a result, only participants over the age of 18 will be admitted to this space.

6) Family entertainment space

Comic Con Baltics entertainment is balanced both for adults and children! For this reason, family space is an integral part of the event. This year there will be an interactive playground “Lü”, educational events prepared by Kaunas City and Energy and Technical Museums, animation workshop, characters and merchandise from Playmobile movie, interactive Kartland racetracks, LitLug and LEGO.

7) AVAKA Movie Presentations

AVAKA Lithuanian Film Presentation Platform is a unique place for Lithuanian filmmakers to present their still ongoing projects. Visitors will have an exclusive opportunity not only to be the first to hear about upcoming Lithuanian films, but also to interact with creative groups, actors, producers and directors.

Comic Con Baltics 2019 will feature 9 of the latest upcoming film projects. Presentations at AVAKA Hall will take place during both days of the event and will be moderated by well-known Lithuanian film and television representatives, such as Justinas Jankevičius, Vaidotas Baumila, Paulius Ambrazevičius, Dominykas Klajumas and others.

8) Lithuanian Shorts Cinema Hall

There will also be a cinema hall dedicated to the latest Lithuanian short films already recognized on the international scene. 4 short film programs are specially created for the visitors of the event and are presented by the Lithuanian Short Film Agency. These will include “Festival Favorites“, “Cartoons for the Little“, “Show Me Shorts“, and a special feature film by Jonas Trukanas.

Schedule and movie descriptions can be found HERE.

9) VMU lectures and discussions

Vytautas Magnus University has joined the Comic Con Baltics as academic partners this year. For this reason, the program of the 2019 event is full of not only talks with actors, comics and cosplay creators, but also reports and discussions by renowned VMU lecturers. These include well known academics such as Rytis Zemkauskas, Tomas Krilavičius and Viktor Bachmetjev.

10) FAI World Cup drone race

Comic Con Baltics 2019 event will host  the FAI World Drone Cup qualification stage, which is the first drone race of its kind authorized by the FAI World Organization that is hosted in Lithuania. This is the highest level of drone sports competition in the world, with only 18 of these events happening around the world yearly. There will be close to 50 participants at Comic Con Baltics 2019, 17 of them will be Lithuanian. Do not miss the opportunity to support your countrymen in their quest for the highest titles in the fast-growing sport.

11) Computer Games and Technology

Anyone who is at least somewhat involved with these types of events will agree that games are an integral part of this event. For this reason, the gaming area at the Comic Con Baltics was, is and will remain one of the most important components. As usual, this year we will be focusing on the latest gaming consoles and PC games, their dedicated technology, the future of e-sports, and retro games that have already became legendary. Together with our partners, we have prepared so much fun that you can spend hours and hours in the gaming and technology area.

12) Cosplay Contest

Traditionally, both days of the event will delight visitors with stunning handmade costumes and performances by Lithuanian and foreign cosplayers. This year’s cosplay competition will have well over 100 participants, and cosplay guests come from Austria, Belgium, Italy and as far away as Singapore.

13) Shopping space

Visitors to Comic Con Baltics 2019 will be able to purchase a variety of pop-culture related items. These include comics and graphic novels, various figurines, posters, movie and TV series replicas, home decor, movies, discs, DVDs, clothes, accessories and much more.

14) Food and recreation area

Delicious food is a significant part of the time spent well. For this reason, during the event, visitors will be welcomed to the Litexpo’s outdoor space with ten different food trucks, and inside will have various snacks and desserts.

15) Artist Alley

Comic Con Baltics 2019 Artist alley is a special place for individual artists who want to showcase their talents in drawing, graphics, painting, and design. Located in Litexpo Hall 3, the artist space will allow visitors to interact with artists who are just starting out and have already made a name for themselves, to purchase their works and to receive their original signature.

16) Creative Workshops

It is common for Comic Con Baltics to introduce its visitors to professionals from a variety of film, comic, cosplay and other cultural industries. Some of them conduct special workshops, lectures or invite vistors to see how special effects or costumes are made. The purpose of this activity is to engage visitors with a spellbinding action that we don’t see when we watch movies or cosplay shows. This year’s event will feature creative workshops by renowned artists Effymia and Dario Cosplay on the international cosplay arena.

Cultural Popular Culture Weekend in Vilnius

And yet, this is just a smal list of the highlights of the event.

Comic Con Baltics 2019 visitors will enjoy much more exclusive and unprecedented entertainment, activations, announcements and meetings. Be a part of the biggest pop culture event!

Heroes meet HERE!

Tickets are distributed by TIKETA.